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This is it. Day seven, the final day has arrivied, and we as a team have pulled together and held strong for a week. This year, there has been no doubt that Barton, the original town, can carry more than its own weight against teams that have more than double our numbers.

In dedication to this fact, I open on the final day the Barton Yearbook. Come in, say a few words, make a dedication, or anything you want. My goal is to have every team member post at least once. That way, when we win tonight, we can all look back on this thread and see just how we all pulled together!
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Well, here's my post! We can win this thing, let's do it! heart whee
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I want to say that I may have missed the Water Festival last year but I feel that I have made up for it this year. It was nice getting to know all of my fellow Bartonians and Lets Go get DUREM!
Go barton Go
w00tg go Barton... I love you all smile
I want to congratulate everyone on their hard work, as we look at each other, I realize these are the last few hours we will compete togeather in the rejected Olympics, so I want to say one last thing before we disband, GO BARTONS! scream
We've made it this far, Barton.
Are we going to give up?
Are we going to let Durem win this?
Not without a fight!

This game is anyones at the moment,
but lets make it ours!

Had a good run, guys, made some friends and
most of all, had fun showing Durem they have competition.
Whether we win or lose, Bartons, we're number one. ;D
Awesome, first page! Hope everyone had a great time, last day it is...

Go Team Barton!
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The Smell Of Sunshine

heart Signed!


I Remember Sometimes
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Destiny isn't something
that's chosen or preordained...

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I'm glad I chose Barton as my team.

ILY! <3

It's something that only becomes
reality when you find it for yourself.
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Team Barton

Its Been Great! Barton Kicks a**, And Whether We Lose Or Win I Had A Great Time And Can't Wait For The Next Event. For Barton Once Again Is Going To Dominate.

I'm Going To Miss All Of You, Send Me Friend Requests If You Want...Random PM and Profile Comments Are Loved To

Barton I Love You heart
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Barton Forever!

Thank you Bartonians for putting on your best for the Rejected Olympics. Here's to us!
I'm so glad to have fought with all of ya'll! Let's finish strong! ILU! heart

~ ` H i k a r u
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I signed it. =P
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Dear Gaians,

It has truly been a blessing for me to participate in such a grand event among the Bartons. biggrin I may not be the best player (I average about a 9.3-9.45 at best), but I've had fun playing the video games whether it's chopping watermeleons or slashing leaves like a maniac. OH! Don't forget running off cliffs and shooting plastic ducks!

Once a Barton, always a Barton. heart

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