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This is the official Barton Army Recruitment and Rejected Olympics Headquarters. My name is Sergeant-Major Chang Wang of the Barton Army. Our leader, General Demon-Slayer Verteow, will be here shortly. Feel free to join us and together, we can bring honor, respect, and victory to Barton. OO-RAH!

Join the Barton Army today! And don't forget to stop by our Tips, Tricks, and Strategies Guide thread!
Me thinks we may need a bump or something
Welcome aboard, Sergeant. And yeah, Bump for Barton. Oh, and for any wandering eyes, in the Vacuum games, hold your cursor in the largest mass to collect all of the things, in the in order games, picked the lowest number to the greatest as fast as you can, and I think the rest are self-explanatory.
I can see why they're rejected. I mean, dog-washing?
I know what you mean. I've snooped around and found some more tips:

Vacume, Wash, general sucking things up:
→Don't go at it fast, rather start at a corner and slowly work your way in rows, hovering slightly, so you eliminate back trackign as much as possible.

→"doing fast at first (sort of forcing all the bubbles toward one corner) then hover at the end" -Angeliqe (only works for bubbles, not vacume)

→"the ghosts one, in that one it is actually better to go fast." -aoshingou

→"I find if you go at the ghosts from the bottom, it's easier to vacuum them up." -Roxxie Stella-X

→As soon as the screen loads for drive off the cliff, press the right arrow. it's yourbest defence against lag.


→"With the click the numbers in order I try to memorize where I've seen numbers that I don't need right away, but that I will need in a bit. That way I can click them as soon as I need them."
And yes, I just bumped for the Hell of it to say this: Copy and Paste is awesome
Indeed, but I haven't done whatever the ghost thing is. I'll probably just keep playing until I get too bored to stop.
That's the spirit! ... Hey, where the Hell is everyone else?
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were gonna win this one way or another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Yahoo! First Place! Keep it up!
Dammit, second place again! Come on, pick it up!
What? Really?
Yep, that's what I saw last set I played. What does it say now?

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