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Thanks, but as you can see, I have changed again! I am now Doktor-Bond!
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Wheezing Phantom

I misread 'honor' for 'horror'. Either is fine, but now I feel stupid. Must be the sleep deprivation kicking in... that or the guarana.
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Tipsy Gawker

Oooh, that movie was completely awesome. >w<
Too bad the guy that played The Joker OD'd from the stress of being in that movie. User Image
He was perhaps the best movie villain evar!
The acting was good all around though, I thought, and it obviously had a good budget. 3nodding
Don't you have to know ninjutsu to be a ninja, and as far as I know, ninjutsu is illegal to teach in most countries, with it being lethal and all.
i is still a ninja

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