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Thank you Sergeant-Major Sir!

If you're stuck on some of the games try this thread.

@ DoktorPhil

Well, I remember you liking Germany and a discussion about 007 books or so... It's all rather fague... xp
Done and done, Sergeant, I've taken it upon myself to steal that bit of information and make it our own:

Vacume, Wash, general sucking things up:
→Don't go at it fast, rather start at a corner and slowly work your way in rows, hovering slightly, so you eliminate back trackign as much as possible.

→"doing fast at first (sort of forcing all the bubbles toward one corner) then hover at the end" -Angeliqe (only works for bubbles, not vacume)

→"the ghosts one, in that one it is actually better to go fast." -aoshingou

→"I find if you go at the ghosts from the bottom, it's easier to vacuum them up." -Roxxie Stella-X

→As soon as the screen loads for drive off the cliff, press the right arrow. it's yourbest defence against lag.


→"With the click the numbers in order I try to memorize where I've seen numbers that I don't need right away, but that I will need in a bit. That way I can click them as soon as I need them."

Like so. God Bless Copy&Paste
i am here! and i brought a substitute mascot until we see squishyUser Image
if you would like to use him, here's the code
sir, my avg went up to 6.31 points sir
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Ooh I remember Squishy something to do with cookies I believe....

But it's 23.00 here, so I'm going to rest a bit to make sure I'm fit for tomorrows games, sir.
Permission granted, Sergeant. Rest up and easy, it's gonna be Hell tomorrow.

Congrats, Private Roar_Moo, those tips help?

Welcome Major Kaiser, sir! It is this Sergeant-Major's duty to tell the major that we are currently in 2nd Place and we have received several new recruits, sir!
Great job, soldiers, I just saw, we're in 1st place now! Keep it up!
Back in first!
it seems as if we are pin balling with durem for 1st
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barton town in the leade str
kick butt
yes sir, the tips helped big time
I'm at a high score overall of 7.33.
Good, good, keep it up, soldiers, we've got Durem on the run! We have to hold onto that lead!
Alright, alright! Back in 1st ag- Nope, false alarm, we're back in- Wait, in 1st- No- Yes- No- Yes- Argh!
sir my avg went up to 7.63

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