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I just barely got my schedule turned in on time and almost got defaulted to a bunch of classes I didn't want. >_>;

Spanish is sooo easy to me. I absolutely love it. I'm probably gonna end up having to drop AP Spanish, though, 'cause the teacher won't reply to my mom's e-mail... and she sent it mid-June. >_>

The Great Gatsby was pretty good. And I liked Macbeth all right; it's just that tragedies suck. Macbeth was the main character. Excessively ambitious though he may have been, he shouldn't have been turned into a villain like that. My absolutely favorite book that I ever read for school was The Importance of Being Earnest. I found it completely hilarious. >o>
that's what happened to me last year
i handed my schedule in later and couldn't get art D:

i LOVE spanish!! it's so easy and sooo much fun!

i've seen the movie for "the importance of being earnest"
it's a funny story ad cute story :3
I think thats why I didnt get Drawing last year.
I filled out my schedule like the very last day it was possible to. ><

This year the seniors got first pick.
& I think they lied about having Beginning Keyboarding again
which is why they gave me Pottery instead. =P

gosh Im so glad that my very first class is Visual Arts. <3
and my 2nd class is Pottery with the same teacher so

I liked Spanish but honestly Im relieved I dont have to take it anymore
(already got my 2 foreign language credits)
its mostly because Im so shy I didnt like having to talk so much. D:
I liked the writing tho. lol.
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Th-there's a movie? Is it... on Youtube?



*loads Youtube*
What is the Importance of Being Earnest about?
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It's really crazy. There are these two guys, Jack and Algernon. They're best friends. Algernon lives in the city, and Jack lives in the country, but when Jack wants to leave the country he says he has to go deal with his troublesome younger brother named Ernest. When he's in the city, he pretends to be named Ernest. He's got a girlfriend in the city who only likes him because he's named Ernest, and he's got a uhh... godchild, I guess, in the country who's in love with his imaginary younger brother becaaaause... he's named Ernest. Algernon ends up following Jack out to the country to meet Jack's godchild and pretends to be his younger brother, Ernest. And things just get crazy from there.

Omg that story is so confusing. XD It's got all this awesome humor in it, though.

is it on youtube?
you could try watch movies dot net

was that muffin thing actually in there?
i have the vague feeling it was..
hmmm >w<
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I don't know if they have it or not because I have no idea how old the movie I'm looking for is. >o>;

Yeah, after Gwendolen and Cecily find out that both Jack and Algernon are lying about their names, they're sitting there like "well crap" and Algernon starts eating Jack's muffins. >_>
well i know the cover has colin firth on it...
i just checked imdb and it was from 2002

i remember that!
i laughed soo hard i coughed a lot XP

ohmygosh >w<
i was just watching the original Twilight trailer
and as Edward saved Bella from the van i said
"not her" and smiled (cause that's what Edward was thinking;
-dies causes she's overwhelmed with Edward's scorching hotness-)
and my brother looked at me like i was crazy
and i just said
and went back to watching the trailer >w<
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2002, huh? The thingy I saw looked more like a play from somewhere in 1970-1980...

Oy, I really wanna see this movie now! XD

Twilight huh? Most of the people I know say it's absolutely the worst book ever but they love it anyway. No idea how that works out. >_>;

i like it
my mommi owns it =D

i'm not exactly positive how that would work out
but it's my absolute favorite series of all time
(so far that is)
i mean Edward....
-FANGIRLSQUEAL leading to death-
XD The Importance of Being Earnest officially wins the award of being the hardest book to explain ever. And the hardest book to understand without reading. ;P

I like the Twilight series.
Its like Harry Potter.
people either hate it
or they love it.
and then there are those who hate it just because its so popular.
they're out there too. ;]

Im almost done with Breaking Dawn
[the 4th book]
its soooo good omgsh. ><
I just went on someones profile
and they had a bunch of Wonder Girl songs on their playlist. XD

It reminded me of the good ol' days... <3

BTW I FINNALLY got invited to the Taco Rangers guild. haaahaha.
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>.< I was Gwendolen for a School thing... But my Cecily sucked crying . We did the scene where we are comparing Diaries.
Aww, we can't play the games anymore...

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