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Less than 7... T_T (What, have you been sleeping through the games or what? o.O) 0.052356020942408 5.2% [ 10 ]
7.00 to 7.99 (With a little work, you can make it!) 0.099476439790576 9.9% [ 19 ]
8.00 to 8.99 (Not bad at all. :D) 0.31413612565445 31.4% [ 60 ]
9.00 to 9.99 (Awesome! XD) 0.5130890052356 51.3% [ 98 ]
PERFECT TEN BABY!! (Jesus Christ, you must be on steroids... o.O) 0.020942408376963 2.1% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 191 ]
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The Barton Golden MIP Awards!

The temp shop is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! ^_^

Old Announcement

Alright everyone! My allergy medicine is about ready to knock me out, so I'm leaving for today!

For everyone who's still increasing their score, you've got about an hour and a half left to kick Durem's butt! Be sure to fill out and post Form B before the admins lock the scores! I won't be accepting B Forms after that. The admins will be locking the scoring at 11:59 pm PST!

I'm looking forward to Barton's win! No pressure. wink

I've been seeing a whole bunch of art threads giving out free art to people with high scores, which I think is wicked cool. biggrin So I decided to join in the free art giveaway. However, I'm adding my own twist to it. wink

Instead of awarding art to people who already have high scores, I'm going to award art to people who raise their scores! biggrin That's right. Instead of rewarding Most Valuable Players, I'm going to give the Most Improved Players a chance, which should help raise our overall average!

So, for those of you who are feeling lazy and only play twice a day for the prizes, or those of you who despair of ever breaking a 9 average, THIS IS FOR YOU!

So here's how it works:
[+]You give me a screen shot of your current score on the event page. Please don't crop it, I need to see the whole page. smile

[+]Later, if you manage to raise your main score by 0.1 or more, take another screen shot and post it here. I will then add you to the list of people getting free art from me. Here's what you get based on how much you improve:
0.10 - 0.49 Headshot
0.50 - 0.99 Half-body shot
1.0+ Fullbody shot

Simple, right? ^_^ Now all you gotta do is fill out Form A when you first apply, and fill our Form B when you accomplish your goal. When you do, please post it in this thread, as I don't deal well with flooded inboxes. biggrin Let's all do our best!

[b]FORM A[/b]
[b]Username:[/b] (The one you're scoring on please)
[b]Current Screen Shot:[/b] (Please link to it. ;) )

[b]FORM B[/b]
[b]Username:[/b] (Same as above)
[b]Current Screen Shot:[/b] (Again, please link. ;) )
[b]Notes:[/b] (Anything on what you would like the picture to be like. Whether you want me to draw an avatar, an OC, some other user, and NPC...etc. :) If you don't put anything here, I'll assume you want avi art)

EDIT2: Artists GwydionAE and ACVan have offered to help me out and draw some of you as well. biggrin ACVan's samples are below mine. If you'd rather have art from one of them, please let me and the other artist know by PM or by posting here. ^_^

EDIT: I can't seem to find any recent headshots, but I'm too lazy to make a new one for now. XD In the meantime, you guys can judge my abilities from these other pictures.


Fullbody Shots



I can offer headshots surprised I don't have time for more because I am moving next Saturday, awww X____X

0.10 - 0.49 Sketched headshot
¤ Lunaloove's avatar ¤ Irys' original character ¤ Noska's OC ¤
(those I am giving are being drawn by tablet, not by ballpoint pen, they'll have really few details)

0.50 - 0.99 Headshot - 1 colour
¤ No sample found ¤ They look like the first one with monotone shades

1.0 + Coloured headshot
¤ Random character ¤ My OC Miri Yamase ¤ My OC Cali Nyele ¤

Chibi or fullsize is my choice. OC preferred, Avi art accepted if not too cluttered.
I'll use oC 1.1 so it'll be watercolour-like and Gimp 2.4.6 for final touches.


Headshots or half-bodies only.

1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 - yeah, all half-body shots, lol. I don't have examples of anything else because I really haven't done it (in this style, which I now consider my "Gaian Avatar Style" XD).

If you think any information here is incorrect, please PM me or post in the thread so I can fix it right away! biggrin

Art List Hopefuls
Kam-pup = 9.57
FF7_Fan_Cloud = 7.57
Icefire26 = 7.93
Carcinogenic Sweetheart = 6.80

Hooray! You made it!
1.12 ~ Moonkist_x_ = 8.02 - 9.14 ~ pg12
0.68 ~ Wyntre IceBlade = 9.21 - 9.89 ~ pg10
0.60 ~ Korrigan Venare = 9.07 - 9.67 ~ pg6 [x]
0.53 ~ gertbodude = 8.91 – 9.44 ~ pg8
0.47 ~ Oval = 9.10 - 9.57 ~ pg12
0.41 ~ Little Mynx = 8.56 - 8.97 ~ pg 12
0.40 ~ ACVan = 8.99 - 9.41 ~ pg4
0.25 ~ Aibakuge = 7.67 - 7.92
0.18 ~ aurori18 = 8.91 - 9.09 ~ pg11
0.16 ~ lilartichoke = 9.36 - 9.52 ~ pg 11
0.15 ~ GeneralBlueRaven = 9.58 - 9.73 ~ pg12
0.12 ~ fae_lady = 9.41 - 9.53 ~ pg12
0.11 ~ Chibi_Sweetheart = 8.57 - 8.68 ~ pg12
0.07 ~ m3g4t0ky0 = 8.08 - 8.15 pg3

Also check page 15 for a whole slew of pictures from ACVan!

Remember to save on your own image hosting site. That way, if it gets lost forever, it won't be my fault. XD

Awesome People

I want to thank GwydionAE and ACVan for offering to help draw some of the winners, even though they're busy themselves. biggrin

Also, special thanks to the people who helped bump while I was gone. ^_^ To all the people who scored higher than I did, you guys rawk! biggrin

And to our very own MIP, Moonkist_x_, CONGRATULATIONS! She raised her average a whopping 1.12 points!

Our high scorer is Wyntre IceBlade with a average of 9.89. Thanks for your contribution. ^_^
The Blue Spirit of Barton...

that's an awesome idea.

thank you for supporting us by putting a cup cake at the end of the treadmill.



oops, sorry for posting too soon.


...Has Spoken....

When will I be getting my art?
Since I'm quite busy and will be moving in a few weeks, you may end up getting your art after this event. Also, I'm a lazy a** procrastinator and have several other projects piled up, so you may have to wait a while. I do promise that you will get your arts as soon I as I can make them, however. Don't worry. wink

What happens if I improve a score, then improve more later?
You're welcome to post the new score here. If I haven't started on your picture yet, I'll be happy to "upgrade" it to whatever you've now gotten. biggrin However, I really one have time for one picture per person, so please give your fellow Bartonians a fair chance. wink
Whoops, posted late. XD

Thanks. I thought it's be more efficient to raise the average this way. 3nodding

EDIT: XD No problem. My fault for not saying not to post.
Whoops, posted late. XD

Thanks. I thought it's be more efficient to raise the average this way. 3nodding
The Blue Spirit of Barton...


if i had a scanner,i'd ask to join your temp shop here.

...Has Spoken....
That's too bad. It'd be great if we had multiple artists, yeah? ^_^
...is it safe to post? XD

Just wanted to say I think this is a great idea! I hope you get a lot of customers. XD Good luck to you and everyone that participates!
That's too bad. It'd be great if we had multiple artists, yeah? ^_^
The Blue Spirit of Barton...


i have been stuck at 9.5, so i needed another way to help support our team.

would it be ok if i stay and chat?

...Has Spoken....
...is it safe to post? XD

Just wanted to say I think this is a great idea! I hope you get a lot of customers. XD Good luck to you and everyone that participates!

It is never safe to post. eek

XD Thanks for your support!

And I'd love for you to stay and chat. biggrin
The Blue Spirit of Barton...

sweet. XD

i'm curious.

have any examples?



oh dur...

they are under examples..


damn, you are good.


...Has Spoken....
Not any recent ones. XD But I posted some up.

EDIT: Haha, thanks. wink I can also bake a mean cupcake. No lie. XD
The Blue Spirit of Barton...

mean cupcakes?!


...Has Spoken....
I'm an avid baker. People make fun of me for it. XD

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