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Best Rejected Olympic sport/game?

Shoot the target 0.12820512820513 12.8% [ 5 ]
click in order 0.12820512820513 12.8% [ 5 ]
Vacuum 0.28205128205128 28.2% [ 11 ]
Escape 0.23076923076923 23.1% [ 9 ]
Clean Moochi/Liam/Car 0.23076923076923 23.1% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 39 ]
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Hey all you Barton fans!!! Here's where you can get art, post art, chat, role play, give gaming tips, and a whole bunch of other Team Barton stuffs!!!
(Art will be posted soon, I have to get my computer's scanner running again sweatdrop )
User Image

Here's one of my Barton Avatars I've created. Once I find the file with the rest of them, I will post them here. If you want one of them, or if you want me to make you your own, pm me with a request! blaugh




WOOT! i'm Barton, idk why i picked it but the story sounded coolest so GO BARTON!!!!
I'm Barton too! 4laugh "Barton's winning, Barton's winning... Goooo BARTON! YEAH!"
we must be 1st all the way along! Barton pwn all!
YAY! blaugh I do have fellow Barton.....ians... confused ...?
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This banner was made by me and I suport barton!
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Yes Barton rules. I was thinking of doing a little fan art earlier on today though decided to draw something else. Though might do some tommorow. I'll think i'll give the angel a go or maybe Rina sweatdrop
So, I finally found the file holding all my dream avatars. I picked out some of the best Barton ones! Some are athletes, some are fans wearing barton colors (orange, yellow, and gold) and some are actual characters from Barton like Rina or Ian!
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Interesting Fairy

I was going to dress my avi up barton style. Using the teeshirt i got last year. Though i realised i like this avi anyway so couldn't be bother to change sweatdrop
So here they are!!!!!!

1. User Image User Imagerandom fans
User Image fan of the Angel Imp User Image Centaur fan User Image fan of Ian and rufus
2. User Image Rina (i did my best, plz don't patronize me!)

3. User Image Ian (in my opinion, I think I did a really great job!)

4. User Image Logan (self explanitory!)

5. User Image The Centaur (easy)

6. User Image Rufus (easy enough!)

7. User Image And the Angel (harder than I thought it would be tho.....)

If you don't mind. I'd appreciate it if you would rate them! Plus, if you have any Barton avatars, go ahead and post them here!
blaugh Yes!!! Barton took the lead!!! rofl

scream Take that Gambino!!! scream
blaugh Yipee!!! blaugh I finally made my first Team Barton Banner!!! If you want it, pm me for the code!!! User Image

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