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Oh...curses.... How long must I wait?
Or just until the end of nekkid day.
Oh...-sits and waits-
You probably won't want to hold your breath, dear.
heh, i might try to enter... xD
that is... if your still accepting?
Of course.
I'll be accepting entries well into tomorrow night.
Don't worry. I'm breathing. : D
That's good.
I imagine it'd be rather embarrassing to keel over pants-less.
wooh, chance to practice drawing xD
ill try it xD
Aye. : D Then again, it'd be embarresing to just...keel over.
Also true.
Kind of hard to die gracefully, I suppose.
Unless it's in battle, pit of strength, stamina, skill and craftsmenship of weapons. >D
But...you'd be horribly decimated.
Glory of battle. <3

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