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With this thread... we can get OVER 9000 people to join! =3
Are you jealous of me? I know you are.
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Hey Zoray. Small world we have here. XD

And it is the Barta 10,000 now.

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Because everybody wants to be like me.
...Well I guess the secrets out.
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Lol, is confused as to what everyone is talking about... is going to look for the thread.

Oh sweet. Add me :]
Are you jealous of me? I know you are.
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I don't think it was a secret since people started posting in the first place. XD

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Because everybody wants to be like me.
Just wait peoples. ;-; He still has to sort out last thread. Give it time. I dun't even think we're supposed to be posting yet.
Seeing him was like hearing an old song
come on the radio; bringing up so many

[ sarie-xo says: ]


old feelings & memories that
you can't tune them out.

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Care to Donate?]
For Barton!

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#36 is here!

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We Has Hot Angel Guy!
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*runs in from the 300 thread*

Soldier Senari1 #92 reporting for duty!


I think I have to get off soon though... stare
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# 48 reporting for duty, m'lord! scream

*sits down* Continuing from the first thread,

@ the Lady Senari: Ouch- mine did the same thing, except while I was still a child. xD

I've been told to 'follow my heart', but yet to find something that I KNOW will support me. stare

I mean, I get it, but JEEBUS- can PLEASE make my own 'mistakes'? -_-;;

@ the rest of the Bartans:
'sup! 4laugh
The Key to Immortality,

Yes, the move is official. We are here now, and later a guild.

Is to live a life worth remembering.
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Unoderi's Wife

Number 133 has arrived! ;D Sorry for being late!
You managed to type from 301-10000? :O

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