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in the summer i had a friend and she also had friends who went to the same summer school as me and her and one of her friends is a guy, i had a crush on him and something embarassing happened to me i was bending over and didnt remember i was wearing a skirt LOL so some pervert looked at my *** and the guy i had a crush on came behind me and covered my butt it was sooooo embarassing i tell ya. he even saw it
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LOL name was maridell wahmbulance
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In first grade this kid named Jack x3 I drew him a picture of a monkey and 'I love you' was written all over the picture xD He was like " Is this for my birthday?" And I was like... " Um yeah, sure... don't let ANYONE see it, not even the teachers!" Lol we were hiding in a really lame hiding spot xD Then I didn't like him the next day... It was weird because he started stalking me, he'd do anything that I told him to do... Lol I told him to explode the monkey bars ( I wanted to see what he would do) And made big 'explosion' like gestures... Then he wouldn't leave me alone... then he moved. Lol. 1st grade love fail.
ray in kinder! rofl
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his name was John and i met him in sixth grade and he asked me out but i said no because i was afraid of breaking up with him in the future...
This guy named Tyler. Liked him from Kindergarten to the fifth grade. Thought he was cute, that was my basis for 'liking' him, then I got older and realized he was a DOUCHE! xd One of my worst crushes ever. hahaha
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some kid in my grade back in 3rd grade who kicked a** in tether ball... but he moved away last year... he wasnt really my type anyway xDDD but in lunch yesterday we got assigned seats in lunch... i sit at a table where im the ONLY girl and everybody else is a popular guy... and today... i couldnt stop choking on my food from all the laughter since all the dudes pull per verted pranks on eachother... its halarious

& How Old R U That U Have To Get Assigned Seats @ LUNCH?!
OTL Grade school. When everything I knew about love and relationships was crap that I watched on TV. (Arthur was an awesome show XD)

When I was in first or second grade or so, I for some reason started to really like this boy in my class named Danny. We actually sort of had a 'relationship' for a while, and even got to exchange cheek kisses.

Actually one time we tried to kiss each other's cheeks at the same time and ended up smashing our lips together. ;;

And then for some reason, I DIDN'T like him after some more time.... I throught of him as my "rival" - he was the Gary Oak to my Ash Ketchum :'D. B-Because what kid in a TV show doesn't have a rival, huh? XD I remember, in 5th grade, I poked out my tongue at him when he incorrectly answered a biology question that the teacher asked.... and then she said to me, "Is that really so mature?"

; ; I guess not.
it was in like 3rd grade i was really crushing on this guy named Devin.. heart
First crush: I had a crush on a guy named Alex in 1st grade.
During story times, we would sit next to each other and I would lay my head on his shoulder.
My mom has a bunch of pictures of us drawing with chalk together.
Then in 2nd grade, we found out we weren't going to be in the same class, so we stopped talking, and then we found out that we were going to be in the same class in 3rd grade, so it started all over again. Only thing new was that we started holding hands that year.
4th grade came, and we weren't in the same class, same with 5th, so we basically ended all that.
We're still friends now.
I remember finding a piece of paper that had "I love Alex" written all over it.

Second crush: In 5th grade, I liked this guy I had been going to school with since DK, which was like, pre-kindergarten. He was a total jerk to me, but people always told me that he liked me. Then I found out he was dating some other chick, and I wanted to punch her in the face. Found out he liked me in 6th grade, then he moved in 7th, and now he has a different girlfriend.

Third crush: 6th grade, I was best friends with this guy. We were close. We always hugged, always hung out together..we we're just, really really close....
Well, after a while, I decided I liked him, a lot, but I was afraid to ask him out, so I told my friend about it, and asked for advice, and without me knowing, she told him that I liked him, and I wanted to go out with him..
The only reason I found out was because he came up to me later that day and was like, "So you really like me?" ...embarrassing day.
A few weeks later, my female best friend asked him out, and he said yes. She knew I liked him, and I was soooooo mad at her. Eventually I got over it..
But I figured out the only reason she wanted to go out with him was because she wanted to make her ex, who was best friends with the guy, jealous.
Eventually the two broke up when she decided to go to a different school.
Now, the guy that I used to be so close with, is just basically a distant memory. We still go to school together, but he's not the same person he used to be. He hangs around with all the wrong people, and I'm pretty sure he drinks now. He thinks he's better than everyone else..
He treats me like dirt now.
One day, he swore, and as a joke I said, "Don't say that!", and he called me a b***h and told me to shut the ******** up. neutral

Fourth crush: I've liked this guy since January. Like, we never really talked before, then we had a couple classes together, so we started hanging out more. We always had our stupid ruler fights in one of my classes, and we always blew off our work to talk to each other. He sat in front of me in one of those classes, and he would always turn his chair around, and we would work together on the same table..lol
On the last day of school, he was the only guy I hugged, and we hugged for the longest time, I swear..
In July, I was in a bad mood because I had gotten in a fight with my parents, and he was the only person that actually worried about me, and wanted to know what was up.
I like him still, and I keep having dreams about him.
I've had a few dreams where he asks me to go to the Homecoming dance with him.. whee

Sorry this is super long.

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5th or 6th this dude i liked... um it's depressing I made him this picture of my name + his name = love crap with crayon.. ( I don't know what I was thinking back then >_< ) When I got up the nerve to give it to him, He looked at it.. and ripped it up and threw it away right in front of my face. I cried like a baby that day.

what a jerk. no offense sweatdrop

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