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Do You Love Or Like School

Love School 0.21428571428571 21.4% [ 6 ]
Like School 0.42857142857143 42.9% [ 12 ]
Hate School Bleh :P 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 28 ]
Well I Like School Because My School Is Freaking Awesome So Yeah Reply About Ur School!!
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I like school and being expected to perform at a certain standard - but I hate when I fall below the standard, like when I procrastinate and end up doing something last minute.
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Bashful Gekko

Nah i dont particularly enjoy school much anymore.

Ive reached my high school life where its homework homework homework, but school is to lenient which stops me from really trying my best.. ><

Most of the students i dislike sweatdrop

Rules are becoming ridiculous "toilets are locked during all hours of the day besides morning, recess and linch" rolleyes
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I like my school to some extent but not totally.... Its quite a large school though. I have good friends though last year most people thought I was bi just because on of my bestfriends was a lesbian and people were mean to me when they didnt even know me..... This year is different though, I dont know why. Its probably cos my best friend is more popular than he thinks and I'm always with him.... Sooo... Derp.
there shouldent be school in this world talk2hand
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Our school has some very awesome faces, and it would be pretty much freaking epic, if there weren't those douchebags and s***s spotted here and there who ruin everything.
I like school, but only sometimes. I think I would like it better if it was little bigger though, just to have more options.
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HimeKeesho's Wife

I don't really like it but I miss it.
i love school. granted my school isn't exactly hard....but most of the time i wish it was harder. I like to do lots of homework. i know i'm weird but after i do a ton of it i just feel so accomplished. that's probably why when i finish this school i'm going to go back to college for something else
I like school, it keeps me entertained
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Questionable Borg

Like anything, it has its good moments, and it has its bad moments.

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