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I like art, and lunch. I still go to a school that has recess -.- so I guess that because it's the only time where I don't look like a complete retard.

How about you?
getting out at lunch time... senior year(: cool
Lunch and the time I get to go home. cool
i like electives because it makes the day go by faster smile
and i like the part were i can get home and go to sleep 4laugh
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honestly, i think its needless to say that lots of people will say lunch lol
but that is my favourite part of the day too... emotion_yatta
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My favorite part of school..Would probably be Lunch. I love to eat..^-^
Princess Jasmine says....

Going home emotion_awesome
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my favorite part of the day used to be japanese class and astronomy. but i dont have either of those classes this year and i havnt started yet so we'll see
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Dangerous Hunter

Band,by a long shot. It's fun, and I'm the section leader. So, I can yell at the shorter teens...
Or kids.......or slaves... >u>
Going home x) LOOOL.
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Romantic Gekko

            First Period; I've friends in that class. They make me laugh.

            Second Period; teacher's great, subject's great, people're great. What more can you ask for?

            Lunch; friends. Food.

            Fifth Period; teacher. Subject. So/so class.

            End of the Day; school- over. Nap time. Adam<3
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alll of you niggas talking about school why dont you talk about somthing other than your pointless emo goth fagot lifes and go outside and do somthing like lift some wieghts or smoke a blunt ya pussies

XD ahahahaha ._. nu
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Hmm hard to say ><~ probably has to be lunch ofc. and construction/manufacturing classes whee

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