Took AP Euro sophomore year, class was awful because the teacher made us do IOCs and all this other group-oriented crap that didn't sit well with my introversion. User Image Overall I just really hated her teaching style. Got a 3 on the exam, which is pretty good considering I didn't write either of the free-response essays.

Taking AP Chemistry now, only done 2 units so far, first was easy and second was hard. Judging by the general consensus from former students, I'd say it's hard overall. Don't take this class unless you've finished Algrebra 2, and definitely don't wait in between regular and AP courses. Having a penchant for math helps.

AP English Lang has been my most hated class so far. My teacher is funny and everything, but I don't really feel like the in-class discussions or the assignments help me any. I'll probably do bad on the exam.

APUSH has surprisingly been much easier than Euro. More relaxed atmosphere, none of that IOC bullshit, and for the first time ever I've been able to complete timed-writings within the designated time-frame. sweatdrop If you've done well in world or euro, there's little reason not to take this. You don't have to be an eloquent writer to do well either.

AP Computer Science is easy as hell. lol