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ALERT: this is a nerd forum.

Tell us what grade your in and your class or subject and what you learned today. It doesn't have to be totally serious.

Competition: starting from tomorrow the 15th and ending on Halloween. I will be giveing out prizes within a week after the competition.


Funniest: 1st prize: 2000 gold 2nd prize: 1000 3rd prize: 500
Most informative:1st prize: 2000 gold 2nd prize: 1000 3rd prize: 500
Coolest: 1st prize: 2000 gold 2nd prize: 1000 3rd prize: 500

So start posting!

I'll start:

I'm a Junior at California State University Bakersfield.

I learned in Econ (202 if anyone cares)

1. Econ is freaking complicated!

2. Economic profit is net earnings minus opportunity cost.
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I'm a senior in high school. This is what I learned in Econ today:
That this red, white, and blue thing is called a nurdle.
This may not be nerdy but i learned that you can never depend on a guy. oh im from MN waseca high school home of the fighting bluejays.
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hey it's me again I'm still a junior in college.

so today I had English 110 and I learned making exaggerating claims is not necessarily the best way to persuade people.
Clarkston Jr High, 8th grade, eiether cougars or wolves. Meap is boring, and flinging tennis balls in huge slingshots is fun. I LEARNED NOTHING TODAY
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I'm in 9th grade, and I go to a school in Central Square. I learned how to play part of this song call 'Countdown' in band. But it's not even the cool one that goes; "It's the final countdown!" da-da-da-da!~da-da-da-da-da!~da-da-da-da!~da-da-da-da-da-da-da!.... haha, wow...
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Freshman in Clinton High School. I had Honors U.S. History today. I learned that during a radio broadcast of a boxing match (this was during the 20's.), a few people died of heart failure due to it being so suspenseful.
9th, math class.

i learned i got a 6% on a test as my final grade. -__-
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So history 301: Greek history

I learned that the athenians had some funky a** concepts of democracy. And that they required people to serve in the military till they were 60. @-@
Freshmen in a Connecicut College
II had to choose a project for an Engineering course and learned how to build a small electric generator using everyday household items.
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Junior in High School.
Well, yesterday since I gotta go to school today still.
In History class I learned that Ben Franklin liked to run around naked in his house. Pointless fact, but I learned something, did I not?
I'm a senior in high school and I attended my first opera today with my Great Ideas class! I can't believe what I was missing out on xD I'm definitely attending more operas as well as ballets and plays in the future biggrin
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~*~I'm a freshie at DTCC.~*~

Here's what I learned in English Composition 121-606

1. APA constantly changes their reference and citation rules ((which ticks me off, be not surprised.))

2. Scope and annotated bibliography are apparently crucial to writing a good research paper.

~*~For the most part it's 10th grade AP Eng. Comp. all over again for me xD~*~
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Today in particular, nothing. Class was canceled.

I'm a senior at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Figurative Illustration. heart
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Ello again.
I learned that one of my teachers thinks I look nice without my glasses.

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