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Now I think the correct age is around Junior High School because they are exposed to many other crazy things.Now if you know your easily influence i expect NO from your parents. 85 to 75% gaians are kids or young adults what do u think is the correct age?
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i would have to saywhen theya re in high school because middle school is still just 12/13 year olds... they are still kids.. 3nodding
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My child: NEVER
Others. Really depends where in the world they are, their mentality and the people involved.
i think that they should be at lest 15 burning_eyes
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Sometime in high school, I remember in elementary school (5th grade) girls in my class were all ready dating. I really thought it was silly like they were trying to be grown up or something. But it was way too young, 9th grade at least.
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High school 9th at earliest, though 16 seems to be the best ago IMO.
My Child has to be on top of everything before they can get a BF/GF emotion_0A0
So prob, round their 2O's
ROFL wow i see you would run a tight ship! lol
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I'd say when they're at least a sophomore or junior in highschool. emotion_0A0
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yea i guess it really depends on the person but then again who are we to tell someone when they should and shouldnt get a bf /gf i never thought it was ma biznaz cheese_whine
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i would have to saywhen theya re in high school because middle school is still just 12/13 year olds... they are still kids.. 3nodding
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I'm in my second year of college. I used to have an iffy social life during middle school - I was asked out but I turned that down - I wasn't ready for a relationship. Mid-way through high school I wanted to start dating so I did.

I think the second year of high school is a nice time to start because things are sort of settling down and far as social anxiety and change go... just make sure you kid puts SAT practice before dating. =)
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cough cough idont have an gf sware cough cough XD
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Considering I started dating my fiance when I was 12 and I'm nearly 21 now, eheh well. It differs for every person. I think somewhere in 14-16 is a good time to start looking for that special someone, but you can't help when you feel a connection with someone.

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