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Hell yeah! P.E. is like recess. xD I loved P.E. My teacher was so awesome. We did a mile, some stretches, then free play. We could use the soccer, football, or basketball fields. And if we asked, he'd bring out the badmitton rackets and set up the nets for all the unathletic people like me to play. xD
no it shouldn't
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Yes. Sometimes school is the only way for kids to get some exercise.
No way. But I'm in a trade school and all I take are medical assistant classes, which is the cert I'm going for.

In my hs, gym (we didn't call it PE) was mandatory, 9-12. It was barely stimulating at all. We'd just play lazy frisbee or wiffleball in the tiny gym.

And for physical fitness (once every marking period), we'd do pushups and situps.

And they made us do situps WITHOUT putting our hands behind our heads. Our necks got the workouts, not our abs.
If PE is done RIGHT, then it should be mandatory. If the teachers let their students laze around the gym, then that's just a waste of everybody's time.
Of course, students are responsible for doing their part...if the students outright refuse to run out of laziness (and not of a medical reason) then they should get a referral/detention/whatever for defiance of the teacher.
I don't like PE personally. However, my college makes it required that we have one pe class, so i took a class that's very similar to high school gym called playfit. I can actually see myself improving when we run laps to warm up, from having to stop every half a lap to being able to job 3 whole laps. (I'm not large either-I'm slightly underweight) so I think it's beneficial....but let's face it, anything I'm REQUIRED to take is never fun >.< And I can't frigging wait for it to be over
This is kinda one of those subjects where it depends on the situation. Some people really do need these classes, and then there are times when the course teachers push their students too far and nearly get them killed in the course. I think it should e mandatory depending on your health and weight. However, they should impose some regulations on how far gym teachers or P.E. educators can go.
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I hated P.E. Not for the exercising itself, but for the fact I couldn't stand doing some of the s**t in pubic. I was very self conscious until YEARS after I left school. Like jumping jacks. Good God! No fat, DD woman should be put through that torment.

And at one of my schools when we had running it would be during some hotter days with half the mile-track on a hill. I only walked, but I remember spending the whole hour watching the ground warp and move as if I were hallucinating. It was trippy. I don't think that's good for you. D8

I ended up failing most of my Gym classes due to lack of participation. One year in Middle school I was lucky though. They transferred me half the year to work in the library during that period 'cause I was having such a hard time. :3
I have something to say about this.
The way P.E. is done should be improved.
P.E. is not inherently bad, but you can overexert yourself to the point where bad things happen.
Personally, I've gone through one minor heat stroke from trying to meet the minimum requirements in that "class".
But people NEED it.
My state and my city need P.E.
If nothing else, because of the fact that 53% of the children in my vicinity are OBESE, and they sure as hell aren't exercising outside of school.
We need to make stuff like this mandatory, but also add a nutrition unit to it. We can't change their priorities, but we sure as hell can make them see that if you don't eat right then you will falter running even one fourth of a mile.
I used to be that kid... now I'm running my second marathon.
As for the time component of it, I found that P.E. helped me prioritize my time and my GPA shot up to perfection.
But that's just me. I can easily see how it could backfire on someone else. If people are failing and blame P.E. for it, then.... they're not using their time outside of that class wisely.

you are absolutly right p.e. is excersize that the youth needs. it needs to be manditory
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In the school I go to its mandatory for two years then you can choose if you don't want to do it the next three years of school. I reckon it should be otherwise we'll all end up looking like McDonalds. No offence or anything, just, yeah.
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Naive much?
You enjoyed p.e fine but others simply hate it because it embarasses them and makes them feel uncomfortable.
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Pup Crazed Kiya

Not sure about you but i have an hour and a half of p.e
thats 3 classes wasted on running.
it should be a choice in my opinion... rofl
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The Purple Mage
Pup Crazed Kiya

Not sure about you but i have an hour and a half of p.e
thats 3 classes wasted on running.

Still pretty sure you spend equal amount of time goofing off.

Also, some kids hardly pay attention in class anyway so really all that would happen is a teacher's time wasted on longer lectures, the tests would end up being bigger. OR an extra class ending up in more homework for the student. All that when the student can suck it up and do something good for their health instead of bitching about it. (not saying people are here, just when I was in high school, a lot of the students bitched about having to run around and play a game)

rofl I still say its just a recess. Damn I miss that!
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Here in Illinois it is required all 4 years.

Which means, if I fail the last semester of gym my senior year, I won't graduate.


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