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What are your feelings towards school?

it's fun/good old school days 0.41810344827586 41.8% [ 97 ]
just one of my duties 0.24568965517241 24.6% [ 57 ]
i'll be glad when it's over/ i am glad that it's over 0.33620689655172 33.6% [ 78 ]
Total Votes:[ 232 ]
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My school was very small, with around 400 students. Everyone knew each other, and there were no cliques. Everyone was actually smart, so I guess I'm blessed in that sense. I'm just glad to be in college now.
A and I always finish the work first i clean my desk and I help her😁
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lil calamitas
~Dana's Story~

Well I'd like to share my story too! emotion_awesome
I mean it's pretty much a whole ton to swallow, emotion_drool
No worries, hopefully no one would faint from reading to much! emotion_facepalm
cat_rolleyes See back at my elementary school, I used to hate it so much, because for one for my Grade 7 teacher, She written a list saying and questioning things I do, that aren't a bad thing. Like I used to say my nickname was Daniela. So I'd put, Daniela/Dana to get no confusions or anything. Mostly because I loved that name, And I know Dana's short for it, But nooo it's not my name. emotion_donotwant but, she written things like, Why do I do this, and why do I do that, and those are things that don't go against the school rules. scream And my french teacher used to always go to my main teacher and tell her about tons and tons of things about me, Saying I doodle in French. sweatdrop Now I hear doodling is actually good for the Brain, and I've been yelled at by the French teacher, because I've doodled in her class!! stare Anyways, I've totally also been having a hard time with the Students at my elementary, with the most common thing that's still unfortunately going on: Bullying. emotion_0A0 Yes, I've gotten objects thrown at me, been called a bunch names, And called Uglii, Yes ugli. emotion_8c By two boys that are called by everyone else: Stupid and annoying! emotion_eyebrow Well that's two guys that apparently think that, I don't know about now but-- That's two out of around 40 people that think the other way around. neutral I've been pushed around too, yelled at by a student and soo! Cyber bullied on FB, talk2hand Reason why I didn't like it so much, But now I don't care. 3nodding Being said that I've been yelled at, plus embarrassed because the person that was yelling made the whole class just stop and stare me, The person that's being yelled AT. redface And somehow lowered my self esteem to -0.
Also I've been very imaginative. So when my world, inside my head at least! Lots of enemies I had to defeat. But I've become weaker in that defense, and I've been badly beaten, and been feeling like I've been defeated in many deadly shapes and forms. And it was getting to a serious serious, point where I-- *Dana, Haha* would cry everyday about it, And then my friends gotten annoyed of me crying, Because I had no words how to explain it in a way they could, and how I was feeling about Bullying and what was going on with my imagination and how bullying just altered it in a serious deathly way. They would just think I'm crazy. burning_eyes So after wards I've been homeschooled, because the Principal found out about my issue, surprised and called a bunch of Childrens Aid, and Social workers to help me, But I wanted to stay home from it all. Summer came and *Still this is during Grade 7* and I've been looking with my parents for a new school, ninja Either all the schools, were full, or just too far to take a walk. So we just decided to talk to the social worker one last time, and to just go back to my same elementary school and take the last year. Everyone missed me because I was homeschooled for the month of June. I mean I was getting hugs and everything. But still, even after that day, I still been given a little pain, but It gotten through OK. Now I'm in the best Highschool in Toronto! *No lies, Guys* And you know, Everyone is either happy for me, or jelly. mrgreen Soo that's my story. I've gotten stronger and I'm glad to be at where I am. I'm just a little lost, in school. But hopefully I'll get it. Lmaoo.
*Yes I know it's like the 4th week now* 4laugh

So you say, being bullied back in elementary made you stronger?
Dana is a nice name, I think everyone should choose their own nicknames. 3nodding
Why's your high school the best in Toronto? wink

Hahaa, Yes it pretty much did, I mean I still have some weaker places but I still try and work on those things!!! smile Ohh and thank you! And I know everyone should be creative with their own thinking!! Why is my high school the best in Toronto? Hahaa, Nice question, It's the best in Toronto because the people are mostly nice there, And how they actually treat you with respect, And they don't just say that! It's a very colorful enviroment with paintings, where people just be themselves! Noo seriously, I'm not lying! There's a girl with a unicorn hat and NO ONE pesters her about it! xd
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lil calamitas
lil calamitas

He's a grade under us.

That's surprising... Then he shouldn't bother you at all.
Hope everything's going fine. 3nodding

What makes that surprising? He still does bother us. Thinks he's protecting his female friend from us.

Hope he learns his lesson. sweatdrop

Sadly, I highly doubt he will. Tho now he seems to be super afraid of me.
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ima put everyth'n in a nutshell so to speak, and say dat my middle and highschool years were good and fun, then college was just boring as a mfer to da point where i wana grad. outta here fast as hell, so then i'll be glad when diz is ova, cuz i rly hate my stupid li'll college..LOL… razz
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School life for me has his ups and downs. Some days it's all "WEW" but then others I want to go home the instant I get there.
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lil calamitas

What's you definition of friendship? sweatdrop

Does your current bf know you ex?

How expensive is college?
Why did your internship last only half of the time?
Where are you looking for a job? (Like in what field?)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I'm Shy, and so quiet.

To be a friend, you have to actually care about someone. And there are plenty of people who literally just don't find themselves caring about a lot of people, and that right there is pretty hurtful.

Yes, we were all in German together. We don't talk to the ex, though.

It's over $20,000 per year at the college I want to go to, which is the one of best ones that also happens to be in my awesome state for vet medicine.

I came back halfway through to visit my mom, and then was forced on a plane to go keep an eye on her back in N.D. without anyone telling me. So I had to call the internship and say I couldn't go be.

Everywhere that will except people who's only work experience is with large scary birds.

but I still got some attitude.


I was in Math club, which didn't really function and has no club activities..

I see. The Math club didn't participate in competitions?
Didn't you have a teacher organizer?

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