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How do you deal with school ? let alone when your doing a sport ! you come home super tired from your sport and you have a bunch of homework due ! Dont worry high schoolers Your savior has arrived (^-^/)
I'm in high school , i hav all AP classes and im running Jv Cross Country ! If i can do it so can you ! Ask anything and i'll Give you the BEST advice ;D
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I have always been curious about all those kids who run as a 'sport' in high school.
What do you plan on utilizing this 'sport' for later in life? In other words, how will it benefit you and why have you chosen this as an extracurricular activity as opposed to other things that are (to me) more obviously beneficial? Are you just doing it for fun?
Well Yes i do Run for fun ... I gain endurance and speed ... I Love speed and im training for track and field

Running actrually has a higher rate in scholorship programs than most sports ... So it'll benifit me in the long run biggrin

I do plan on doing other sports ( soccer ) and Running is a BIG pin point in that sport ...
Running is Needed in almost every sport because of the endurance ... So Yes Running is a REAL sport and should be conciederd as one Please and thank you

... Any more Questions ? Ask Me ! biggrin
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Balancing three AP's, other honors classes, and cross country too smile . I just try to work quickly and efficiently
akirakana _ THanks Awesome ! Keep IT up biggrin I Sweat Everything we're doing now well benifit us for an awesome future biggrin !

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