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In the past, many of our schools made ​​of wood,
Now, most schools made from boiling bricks and mixed with a variety of interesting material.

In the past, teacher to write using chalk on blackboard,
Now, everything is at our fingertips - laptop/computer.

In the past, recess bell sounded by the staff of teachers,
Now, automatic bell.

In the past, the food in the canteen is very cheap,
Now, there are all sorts including high prices.

In the past, I see only with my compatriots,
Now, I get along with the various ethnic groups in various countries.

In the past, academic studies take precedence over,
Now, academics and sports are equivalent.

In the past, go to school with friends,
Now, difficult to see the shadows of all companions for their ride.

So many changes can be seen, but this is all for the pleasure of next generations.

~shy gal miss the old school~
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Teachers still use chalk sometimes. But basically all of them have those SmartBoards now o:
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With my school, everyone is so judgemental.

They hate the gays.

They hate anything that's not country.

They hate people whom don't go out on the weekend's to drink, pop pills, get STD's, and smoke pot.

They hate difference in any essence.

They can't seem to be quiet for two solid seconds while the teacher is speaking, I cannot learn anything of any sort.

I get bullied, and it won't stop no matter what I do, often times I find myself wondering if I should just end it all. Forgive me, my intention was not to make this a sob story. But I live with chronic depression and bipolar disorder as it is, I don't need to have my every action judged.

Anyway, I do believe school's have changed a lot, everyone's dependance is on technology these days, I mean, look where we are right now.
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Teachers still use chalk sometimes. But basically all of them have those SmartBoards now o:

yeah, we switched to white board.

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