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I'm the last on, First off, So I always have to sit next to someone in the morning.
Nooooo thank youuuuuu.

The only time I actually enjoy sitting next to anyone is one of my friends, only one that rides my bus.

Our highschool buses are also transfer buses to the middle school,
So I get to listen to 10 and 11 and 12 year olds scream and s**t.
This one little ******** thinks his jokes are amazing, even if he tells them 50 times.

"No idea."

Srs ********.

Gotta admit, I laughed on that one. Sorry
Uuugh, Ikr? Try that only all through out middle and highschool bus rides. OMFG!!! For the kid, I would just tell him to stfu because at that age, if you're really selling drugs and crap like that, then you would be at home not at school stupid, oh and another thing, its guys who speak like that who grow up to be bitter, old and alone, hating teh women who rejected his sorry butt because he couldn't learn how to properly treat a lady!!! THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!!!
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My bus has absolutely no normal people on it. Half of the bus is black people, no offense, but they are all so annoying. Any black person I've ever known dresses ridiculously, talks like a retard, and is obnoxious and annoying as ********. Put 'em all together and throw 'em on a bus... yeah. Luckily they ALL get off at the same bus stop, some shitty apartment complex. So after half the ride it's nice and quiet, unless the nerds are at it. And then the other half of my bus is annoying-a** nerds. They are always talking about how their death-ray is better. How it's impossible for a sword to cut you in half, how to fold ninja-stars, and what happened on the latest episode of Bleach. Or they bring their whole Yu-Gi-Oh card collection and play that game. And one of them always reeks of s**t and baby wipes... Meanwhile, I just sit there and look out the window, listen to music, or try to hold a conversation with my friend, the only other sane one on the bus.
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wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance RANT ALERT wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance

gaia_nitemareleft School started today for me and holy good god was the bus ride a nightmare to school and back. My School is about a 30-35 minute drive through car from where I live but an hour and 15 minute BUS ride. Last year I took a bus (which is small mind you) that they provide to school which ended up turning into a horrible ride. This year it is worse :c Every seat is filled. My bus driver has to pick up a 7 year old that doesn't even go to my school (I'm a Junior!) and he constantly yells and plays his DSi really loud (This boy was on my bus last year as well). Now I have this new kid on the bus that wont stop saying "my n*gga", talking about cars "he be trying to get at" and all this weed and drugs he takes, buys and sells. Referring to all females as "bitches". I didn't know someone could talk about those 3 things for 2 and a half hours non-stop. gaia_nitemareright

give the kid a pimp-slap. He`ll quiet down. 3nodding

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