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Your least favorite "Type" of person?

The Jimmy Neutrons 0.11904761904762 11.9% [ 5 ]
The Quiet Guy 0.023809523809524 2.4% [ 1 ]
The Nonconformist 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 4 ]
The Artsy Kid 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 2 ]
The Ratchets 0.4047619047619 40.5% [ 17 ]
The...Kid 0.30952380952381 31.0% [ 13 ]
Total Votes:[ 42 ]
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I've categorized these people into 6 categories:

1) The Jimmy Neutrons
You know who i'm talking about. Those kids who answer EVERY QUESTION, those kids who suck up to the teacher, those kids who tend to answer unasked questions (basically teaching for the teacher), and those kids who REMIND THE TEACHER WE HAVE HOMEWORK.

2) The Quiet Kid
Now this is the kid who's always in the back of the class, whose name you probably don't know....this kid manages to get good grades, yet be so non existent that it seems impossible. This is the kid who somehow manages to have friends, though, and apparently, "Is really loud out of school." Right.

3) The Nonconformist
These are the kids who will do ANYTHING, other than be normal. Now I don't necessarily mean normal as in "the same", considering the fact that I HATE normal. No. These are the people who decide to take weird to a whole new level. The ones with weird hairstyles, crazy outfits, and well, they're just weird man. And they wont let you tell them they aren't anything other than original. Tsk, Original.

4) The Artsy Kid
(Hehe) These are the people who HAVE to be doing something. Now, I myself fall under this category, yet even I find us to be quite annoying at times. These are the kids who have to be the center of attention, the "actors to be...", the random singers, etc.

5) The Ratchets
.......where do I begin? THIS category is by far my least favorite. These are the people who just make you sick. Those people (in this example, those who are thicker) who wear the TIGHTEST clothes, thinking they're cute? Really? Mm....those people with random hair colors, (at my school this one girl has Blue hair with orange streaks, and is extremely dark-skinned .) They're normally loud, ghetto, rude, and will get all up in your face for things they do all the time. You bump into them and they get all defensive, yet they'll bump you out of the way while your walking like they just own something.

6) The...Kid
And finally...this person is like a "GOD" in their mind. They say the dumbest things, so dumb in fact that it actually makes them seem smart? The kids who talk about things that aren't even relevant to anything what-so-ever. Are their jokes funny? Nah. Are their stories interesting? None in the least. You laugh anyway, though, just because if you don't then they make a complete fool out of their selves.

There are MANY more, but these are the most annoying in my mind. Which is the most annoying to you? And if you can think of one that doesnt fall into any of the catergories above, tell me what YOU think! smile
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definitely the...kid
ALL of these people annoy me, besides the quiet kid. I understand where quiet kids come from, because I was terribly shy when I was younger. Some people are just afraid to talk, and I honestly feel bad for them....the rest of these people bug the crap out of me!
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After the last class graduated, I am now officially the only legitimate talent in choir/musicals. (Not to be pretentious, but it's the one thing I know I do well) But there is this type. The Musical Theater kids.

I hate them. I hate them so much.

They sing randomly in the hallway, dance around obnoxiously, post instagram photos going out to eat or seeing broadway shows, deny being hipster (no one ever calls them that, though..), insist they are majoring in Musical Theater (sure, pay $200,000 to be a waitress), and only hang out with a few specific friends.

And gossip, Oh, the gossip.

There's a group of 6 or so that are all Juniors (I'm a senior), and I don't know whether to laugh at them or be extremely mad. Since I've been doing musicals, plays, and vocal performance all my life, people assume I'm exactly like them.

After I get the lead in the musical this year and rub it in their self-entitled faces, I'm going to happily go off to Pre-med and Biology, while they keep singing along to show tunes on their iPods.

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I hate the kids who join sports and then pretend like it's the olympics. These kids like freak out whenever they lose and get in the other teams face when they win. (I'm in a sport, but it's all for fun for me. I don't care if I win or lose.)
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People who call everyone annoying yet all they do is talk about video games and talk about irrelevant stuff all day long.
Wow "The Quiet Kid" describes me so well....
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I'm in college, so I'm around adults. Luckily, most adults are okay.
Im a nothing. Im just weird and artsy><

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The Ratchets or whatever...they sicken me. I despise them...i mean, come on! They think their soo cute and pretty and sooo popular.. blegh. D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G
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The Kid, The Ratchet, and The Jimmy Neutrons...
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I won't deny it; I'm trying not to be a Jimmy Neutron in Spanish (III) class. The class is so incredibly slow and easy for me since I come from a Spanish family, and I've corrected the professor a few times in some of the tests she issues out. I try to make it so that two people answer a question before I raise my hand. So yeah.

In Governmnet, though, I'm the opposite.
Please don't call on me. Please don't call on me. Oh my god, he's looking in my direction. Avoid eye contact. oh god, he's walking over here to ask me something. Oh s**t oh s**t ohshitshithshit...
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definitely the...kid

Yeah most likely
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Wisper wish
definitely the...kid

Yeah most likely

no the neutrons.

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