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Okay I'm really angry so I need to rant. First of all, distribution of parking spaces is corrupt. Here its a random lottery and well I ended up having one of the last parking spaces while some kids who don't even have a 1st period class have it right by the entrance (I got used to it so its fine now). Anyway, what made me angry is that I had to drive up to the front to pick someone up and no one would let me through TO THE FRONT OF SCHOOL not even the exit. Thus, I tried like 5 ways to get to the school no one let me through at the 5th some girl couldn't took up both lanes so I couldn't get through and she starts waving her hand for me to move like wth learn to drive. This made me angry so I have to drive recklessly to get finally to the front. Oh but guess what the person I was suppose to pick up wasn't even there!!! SO I had to waste another 5 minutes waiting for them and it turned out they were there all along but didn't notice me. So by this time its like 30-minute traffic delays in the parking lot and well stupid buses had to get infront of me to slow me down even more and make me miss the lights. So yeah School Parking System Sucks. People in School are idiot drivers with no tint of kindness or selflessness. And Buses Need to hurry up and Get out of my way.
that happen to mee like i was going too get my nephew from school bcuz i was onfall break so i was like alright ill go get him yenno well wen i went to get him people were every where in the parking lot like dang

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