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Alright! so.... in my 1st period Active Physics class, there's this bigger black guy who sits adjacent to me. He's usually high/drunk, but on Monday he wasn't. Therefore we thought " oh today will be peaceful and normal. " Right?.....No. sweatdrop

So, as my teacher was lecturing, he leans over to the guy next to him, and says.. " Hey bro, im expecting a call on your phone... Can I borrow that? " and before the guy could answer, he says " Hey kaaay thanks " and grabs the guys calculator. He punches in random numbers, makes ringing noises, and pretends his friend has picked up.

" Hello "
" Naw man i cant hear chu! "
" What? Wha? Whaaat? "
" Man... Man... naw, naw. I think you're breaking up. "
" No noooo nonono! "
"imma go, ight? Ight. "

Then he drops the calculator and complains the kids phone has crap reception. All the while my teacher is sitting there staring at him like
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So she tells him to leave ( keep in mind she has an accent )
And his response:

" Huh? I think i need a translator... "

So she just stares at him, and he grabs his stuff, gets up, and opens the door, as he's leaving he screams " OH HAY GUUUUUUUUUUURL " and then leaves...

Me and my two friends are dying of laughter... im crying from laughing so hard. And yea it was pretty great. Lol!
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This entire scene just played out in my mind. And it was beautiful.
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Hungry Len
This entire scene just played out in my mind. And it was beautiful.
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this...this is the kind of stuff i'd miss from my old school. you can't make that kind of stuff up xd
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Hilarous! xd blaugh
Amazing, just amazing
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I must be weird, I don't think it was funny. I think it was stupid.
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best..thing...ever XD

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