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Yes 0.2972972972973 29.7% [ 11 ]
No 0.56756756756757 56.8% [ 21 ]
Not yet! 0.13513513513514 13.5% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 37 ]
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If so, do you like it or not? rolleyes
that is like really something because school is kind of getting really hard for me like omg
I am :] I enjoy it. emotion_yatta
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If so, do you like it or not? rolleyes

I love it!
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I was. I'm finished now, but I loved it.
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Cryene says:

what is that mean?

Cryene has spoken. x3
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I am not homeschooled, but I am really curious what it is like......
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Some times I wish I was. sweatdrop
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I don't agree with homeschooling. Kids needs social interaction.
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Had a friend who was home schooled since 7th grade although he absolutely hated it. It was actually the reason he dropped out he told his mom that if she didn't put him back in normal school he wouldn't do any work or anything and about half way through the year he finally dropped out. So I wouldn't really recommend it I mean seriously if your going to have to do similar work anyways why not get to be able to spend time with friends and even make new friends. Trust me it becomes much harder to find people your same age once your out of school. I actually almost miss school because after I graduated I lost contact with a lot of good friends.
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Yes and I kinda like it I got in homeschool because I was pretty much bullied to death by assholes but it good but I now in college wink
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for me homeschool is terrible.... cant leave the house it is like i am being in solitary confinement in prison... crying but i do get to practice my ninja skills...
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Homeschooled, for various reasons. It's kinda nice actually, because I don't really want to be around a lot of people... and this way I don't have to get up early... and unlike kittykitty above me, I can leave the house when I want to. What the hell is wrong with your family, kitty?! eek

Also, fun fact: My parents don't actually get around to teaching me things very often, so I just get to mess around all day emotion_awesome I still learn things, but it's mainly stuff I want to know.

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