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Yeah school sucks.
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hate the work love the friends
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I love school, but I hate homework. And math. And sometimes even SS. pirate
But you did it. That's why you got in trouble.
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Most of these people could use a lot more English classes.
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I read these threads and wonder 'Holy s**t, was I this bitchy when I was in school?' Maybe I was when I was twelve, but I was dealing more with bullies, and my first period, and the entire curriculum being in French, so there was that.
soooo i hate all my teachers but 4 scream
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I love schoole.
I like school very much, but mostly because I make an effort to get along with my teachers and reallllyy try to hand in work. Also, I find a ton of the stuff we study really stimulating, like history and English class xD maybe that makes me a nerd. lol
Sakura Parfait
Nini Posh
How Do You Love School School Is Gay I Hate It Its So Stupid All You Do Is Homework After One After Another

From your ridiculous user name (I mean, there's a lot of people who have ridiculous user names... but swagg - which you can't even spell right - really?) to the way you type I am 100% positive that it's you that's stupid, not school.

But good luck dropping out and working at McDonald's for the rest of your life!

um, you do realize not all school dropouts end up with a low-paying minimum wage job for the rest of their lives, right? Bill Gates was a dropout and look where he is now. Of course, he had the brains and knew what he was doing, but still.

Please refer to #6 razz
School's OK. People are fun (both teachers and friends), homework is OK, sleep schedule is OK, classes are easy.
Helps that my memory's good.
I hate waking up so early! crying
i hate my school stressed
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To all you people who hate school be lucky you even get to go to school!
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So I Got In Trouble For Something I Didnt Even Do Which Is Stupid I Hate School

what did you do?

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