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what grade are you in?
How much new homework do you have this year?
and How do you cope with it?
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what grade are you in?
How much new homework do you have this year?
and How do you cope with it?
I'm in college, I've gotten a lot of homework.

Don't procrastinate, start papers the day they're assigned.
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Don't know how to convert this into grades..
But I'm Year 10, I get heaps of homework, some which won't help my future and are pointless, because I'm in the accelerated "brainy" class. Um. I kinda leave it until late night, so I stay up until 2am doing it but I'm not tired at school. Sometimes I'll do it if I like it though. Like for example, right now I have to do a thousand word essay on How electricity changed the lives of gumdiggers. Fuuunnn.. *sarcasm*
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start right away after you got home, then you take it easy after..
I finished 2 college degree doing that kind of style..
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8th grade,A normal okay amount of homework..I do a right after school so then everything's pretty easy.. heart

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im not in school till january
,graduated from high school
dont do it
I'm in college and it's taken me three terms to finally get the hang of not procrastinating... it dawned on me that doing my work early, even when I have plenty of time, is actually less stressful than fretting about it the whole week and then rushing it at the last second. >___> I just spent four hours doing homework and am taking a break before another probably three hours... but getting it all done before tonight will give me the weekend to goof off.

I've also learned to start early in the day because later on, I'll have already found something to occupy myself and will be less willing to work. xD;
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I'm in 5 AP classes, so I'm dyyying.

My coping skill is to sleep 3-4 hours a night and drink 4 cups of black coffee a day. (and use my lunch hour for homework)

At least I get to go on the internet on the weekends!

ps: I do not recommend doing this. I feel a bit masochistic.
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Easy. Watch T.V. stay on the computer all day and read books. Then wait all the way till the end of the night when school is tomorrow and your homework is due to tomorrow and you have to finish it now before your mom/dad/guardian kills you. cool

Grade: 11

Homework: We only have like three pages of homework for math, science, social studies, etc. But believe me, once it's March, that's when you get like 10 pages of homework a night. But that all just really depends on what school you go to and what grade you're in. mrgreen

But, no. That's not how I cope with homework. I usually wait for study hall to be open and that's when I do a few pages, maybe like 2 or 3 pages before I actually go home to do the rest of it. But I usually do my homework before 4:30pm and sometimes it takes me till 9 at night to do my homework.
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Ummmm..... well I dont do homework except math btw I am 16 wink
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I'm a business college now, taking Medical Administrative Assistant, so I have literally no homework. At the moment we're studying the computer stuff- Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. We do hands-on exercises, and have little grader projects to do, but I get every day's work done in less than 3 hours, and it's supposed to be a five-hour class. If I kept working ahead, instead of leaving when I'm done, I'd be 2 weeks ahead, now.
what grade are you in?
How much new homework do you have this year?
and How do you cope with it?

Senior year, average amount, I cope by saving it all for the weekends. biggrin
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i dont even do homework... hehe :3

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