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Detention Attendance

Here! 0.22175732217573 22.2% [ 53 ]
I'm not here. 0.22594142259414 22.6% [ 54 ]
Present. 0.10460251046025 10.5% [ 25 ]
What did someone say my name? 0.44769874476987 44.8% [ 107 ]
Total Votes:[ 239 ]
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Shameless Perfectionist

LadyDeath1213 from what I heard held a retelling of the Harry Potter series in english class. Her version held a considerable amount of differences from the original including farting doors, Snape wearing white dresses, and Sirius Black being the history teacher at Hogwarts.

But anyway the english teacher didn't appreciate this retelling no matter how original it was and sent her to detention.
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For eating the most amazing breakfast burrito in class while other students around were also eating.

that happened to me, it was bullshit.
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`Bone got detention:
For getting a boner in class.

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i forgot why:/
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For getting a boner in class.


are u seroius? sweatdrop
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HimeKeesho shaved his teacher's head n' gave her a beard.
You saved someone's life by honking because they were about to crash. And you woke up your siblings made them all breakfast, dealt with their attitudes, etc., motivated them, etc. did everything for them. Then they get frustrated in the car so you have to wait til they got off your phone, and then you run to class you get there out of breath, red faced, about to die and your tardy. Yeah, detention for being tardy. The stupidest reason on Earth.
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Questionable Borg

Breaking the dress code
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Mayor Gravity, went to school with her whole body painted nyon pink, and when the class was trying to watch a movie she wouldnt stop glowing...
While not paying attention to the teacher in chemistry class, minnie528 began mixing random chemicals. Somehow, a gigantic explosion caused by her experiment managed to turn everyone (and everything) in the science lab to a ghostly pale blue color for at least two weeks.
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tigress552 brought cookies to school to share with everyone, but they were filled with toothpaste filling. She then started to dance Gangnam Style in the boy's locker room while holding everyone at gunpoint.

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