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My school isn't the greatest, which is why I often search the internet for information and read :3
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Thanks for posting!!! Please donate if you can!!!! I'm really poor and I only have 100 coins while some people have alot.
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ill say 7/10 : -sighs- i dont really like it
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My school is awesome except for the fact that we have to change into our gym shorts if our shorts are 2 short razz .
my school so far seems pretty normal and boring...i just sit there and do my work, dont even talk, thats all my day is... gonk
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I love my school when they aren't trying to suck out every penny to my name, my blood, my future first born child, my arms and legs - did I mention they never stop grabbing for money? Higher education is expensive.
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my school is poor ...
Pretty awesome
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Mine's okay. I mean, I don't like a lot of the other kids, and the way the building is designed is pretty stupid, but I'm allowed to have my iPod and a bottle of water with me. And we get to take our bags everywhere, so we never have to use our lockers
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My school is gay, just last week some teacher got arrest for having sexual contact with a student!!!
eh mine is ok i guess
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The teachers at my school suck at their jobs, and when they give us a study guide a whole different thing is on the test....
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my schools not bad... apparently our proms so great people come from all over the state to go XD
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school sux

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