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Well im suppose to do a speech for my topic DEFORESTATION which is the destructions of all our forests and were suppose to ask q's and blah blah blah blah blah. So here's my question.

What do you think about Deforestation?
I think it's just wrong. >n<
Trees give us the oxygen we breathe so without them we'd die... sweatdrop
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for short response skip this one.
I think deforestation is horrible. Trees are necessary for oxygen and homes for smaller animals like the squirrel, chipmunk, and beavers. With out these our world will be as lifeless as Mars. We must put an end to deforestation by finding alternative fuels, planting trees after we chop some, and protecting at least 80% of Earths remaining forest.Help me in my decision to stop deforestation. do it for me. do it for the children. but most importantly, DO IT FOR (insert country hear)!!!!!!
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Just. Plain. Wrong. We need it for breathing. so really it also counts as deoxygenation?
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It's bad. Very bad. Every second, more trees are being cut down than being planted. Trees support our health. Without trees, we'd be all sick.
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Try and look it up or something don't ask. Just ask your parents
or something
i think its horrible. nobody should be this cruel. they are destroying nature. what was once beautiful is now a pile of dirt. animals are losing their homes. kill trees and you kill nature. i personally believe that when this is done you hurt people, these trees give us oxygen and if theres no air left well all be destroyed by those who do their job of clearing our beloved forests for homes in which im sure we have enough of. clean this world up and protect our plants and animals and kepp this world a beautiful place
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