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History of any kind. It's always been a favorite of mine.
I have many favorite subjects:
- Science (all science classes and I am usually in honors or AP sciences except for Physics, FAAAAAARR too much math for one girl to take)

- Literature (What? I love reading, its a relaxing time of the day)

- English (The grammar part of Literature, I can always guarentee I get an A or higher)

- Psychology (this is an AP elective in my school. I love the study of the mind, its very intriguing of how the brain works in everyday situations, its so complex and weird, you wouldn't belive that teh brain do it all and how truely powerful it is over us)

- Mythology (Another strictly AP elective I took on my second year. I took this because all teh launguage classes I was required to take were full for the year, so I took this instead, its a very interesting class, given you like to read about the subject as well as wrote, listen about and report about it too)

-Art (YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! The ONLY class I could NEVER get into!!! But why would I need it? I draw even without taking a single art class and I think I am pretty good, I mean, I have bene drawing since kindergarden)

-History/Geography (These usually ran in the same class with the same tecaher, heaven knows why, but I was good at it and always gave the est essays)

-Home Edc. (Anotehr class I could never get into, it was a fail-safe class for trying to get out of gym class, it never worked but I would always skip gym on fridays to help the Home Edc. teacher to clean up or find enw recipes for teh students to try)

That's about it I suppose....
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What's your favorite subject Guys?

AP Psychology; it's literally so much fun it's not even funny. xD I mean, yeah we take notes, take 2 day tests, we do projects, but the things we talk about and the vibe everyone gives off, it's like I'm in my Wonderland. Everyone is so nice and caring and supportive, yet competitive. (:
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Mine would have to be math...Its really easy and I love my teacher ^-^ and also english...I eat and I talk in that class and I only get yelled at like 1 time outta a week for talking and eating lol its worth it
I don't have any this semester crying ...... shogani
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Math~ ♥ But I DETEST Geometry. All those proofs, theorems, postulates...*shudders*
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Art. 3nodding
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History of Religion
English and Writing. I am currently taking an Intro to College Writing course butte it's too simple for me.
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fav subject is french :3 woot woot
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Math, English, and History
AP Japanese cool

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