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On the rare occasions that I would listen to music in school would be in studdy hall where we were aloud to if we wanted. And I would listen to Slipknot,Dope,Crossfade,Cascada,and Three Days Grace. Mostly Three Days Grace
Yes. I also have a playlist that has different types of genres.
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Classical music, but sometimes classic rock or eminem
i listen to .... Pewdiepie
Pewdiepie is tha legend he helps me complete homework easly
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Yep, most of the time. Though I have an iPod full of my favorite pop, r and b, etc songs, I normally listen to a playlist full of J-pop and anime songs. Something about not understanding the words makes me appreciate the music more, which puts me at ease. Plus, they remind me of my favorite shows.
Always, otherwise I'll get distracted by something in the background and lose my ability to focus. And I go through phases with what I like to listen to while I do it; right now, my favorite thing to study to is New Order, but I'm sure that it'll be different in a week or two.
i just play classical music.
mainstream music gets me distracted.
I listen to random songs .
i sometimes listen to music because it helps calm me down, and i listen to classical music and rancheras
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Yep. And well... I listen to, er, random songs? I easily get distracted by them though;;
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Yeah music is amazing...
I listen to Adele... DON'T JUDGE!!
and my Christian Contemporary

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