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i would get up at 7:30am razz but now ii get up at 6:00am
They just started making us wear polo teeshirts this year.
Oh && we can only wear blue or black denim.
We can't have any designs on our clothing, && our jackets.

For the people who think it's not so bad,
ever since they started making this new "dress code" thing,
i feel so original. :
i have to wear a uniform but sometimes it can be a good thing, no one can tease you about what you wear and you dont have to spend forever trying to figure out what to wear in the morning or anything like that

at my school, there is no bullies. c:
buhtt, i was ACTUALLY quicker in changing when we didn't have uniforms.
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I'm in college, but that didn't stop the admins from making us wear uniforms. stressed
yes i do its so g@yi hate it man i wish u could wear what ever u wanted xp

Not all the time though.
Some idiot from year 8 , wore stiletto heels to school accidentally stood on someones toe and broke it. We have to wear uniforms from now on.
Uniform sucks, the school doesn't let us express ourselves through fashion scream , well, at least mine's comfortable
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No, my high school only has uniforms for gym class. I wish there were uniforms or a strict dress code.
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Nope, I'm currently not wearing a uniform now, but in primary, secondary school and college, I had to wear a uniform, and at that point in time, I really hated it (except my college uniform, that one was my favourite of all) but now, I wish I could go back to wearing school uniforms again. For one, I don't have to worry about what to wear in the mornings, and it's a good camouflage when you want to hide from teachers!

I still remember my primary school uniform, it reminded of anime uniforms hehe!
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No, I don't need to wear a uniform.

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