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I'm a sophomore, and I don't have a boyfriend. I find myself much too busy for that kind of stuff. I have a close guy friend, and I'm not sure if I'm friend zoning him or not. Men are so complex. razz
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Personally, I don't think there's such a thing as love in high school (which is related to dating) In high school there is only boyfriend & girlfriend.
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Don't freak out!
If you're not creepy and she hasn't shown you any signs of outright rejecting your presence, then I'm sure she'll appreciate it. wink

It's true! The only time I have brutally rejected people is when they were really really really outright scary.

Sadly, I have had to do that.
The guy I was really scared of asked me out because I was "quiet". He had some messed up teeth, a homely face, and long, long, long black hair. Every day he wore the same Satanic looking getup.

Really it was just a cry for help, and then he got kicked out of school for something related to murder accusations? I have no idea.

i did end up befriending him and we're movie buddies now.
(Friendzoned him so hard and sometimes he keeps asking me out.)
I went all through high school without ever having a serious relationship.
One almost started, but she just screwed me over, so I said screw it. lol
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If you aren't comfortable being alone with yourself, you shouldn't be in a relationship.

However, re: dating in school- I think that's fine. In fact, it's a good thing so that you can start understanding what it is you want in a relationship. But you do need to keep in mind that most high school relationships will end.

Even if you want to date, don't forget that you also need to figure out who you are as a person without an attached boyfriend or girlfriend. If you can't be an individual, you're more than likely going to suffer horribly when the breakup occurs and even if that day never comes (though it almost inevitably will if you don't know who you are), your relationship will suffer because of it.

*Also, on love, I don't think that you can find it at the age of 16. I think love is a concept that comes with understanding a true understanding of sacrifice and compromise.
get to many dates its scares me stare
y cant i just get 1 love that i can be wit forever witout the drama damnit sad
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I didn't see a thread for this (after only checking the first page).
What have you to say about dating in high school?
My parents never let me have a boyfriend.
I outright disregarded them. Tee hee. I mean, I'm a senior now.
I do not regret it, not because of YOLO or anything, but because I just wanted to break a rule.
At this point, I know there are lots of other students out there who have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend and are perfectly normal. Hell, I was one of those people.
But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.
So now I'm wondering what's up with you guys and your opinions, experiences, et cetera.

I am dating and I am in high school. I don't think it is a distraction in my education; I think tumblr is more of a distraction.
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Being a Senior I feel I don't have time for high school dating cause I have to cram everything in for college LOL. I think dating in college would be better than dating in high school for the long run.
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I don't need a girlfriend in high school its just annoying and a drag to my learning environment.

Don't take this the wrong impression, but for us guys its a problem to have a girlfriend.

They loot us clean on are money funds and its all about gimme this gimme that blah blah blah until a breakup happens then things get awkward eek

This is my opinion on dating in high school SO DON"T JUDGE emotion_donotwant
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y cant i just get 1 love that i can be wit forever witout the drama damnit sad
Here is an old saying "If you love something set it free if it comes back to you its your''s forever."
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I'm not really prepared to have a boyfriend this year. Maybe in college, I will be. But right now, I'm not so sure about that yet. sweatdrop
I started dating my freshman year and that only lasted five months. After that I took a long year break, it was a really bad relationship. But I later found out that my bestfriends brother liked me, so we talked a bit, and I told him I wasn't into dating so we were just best friends - he never stopped waiting for me-. My senior year came along and we got together finally and we have been together since (just celebrated a 2 year anniversary).

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