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Virtual Victrola

2 minute brawl and Cruel Brawl Please? ♥
Okay, this is too tempting. I wanna try this out:

Stage Creator and 2 minute brawl. ouo
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Dangerous Genius

Virtual Victrola

melee and stage creation please heart
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Scurvy Winner

Virtual Victrola

Can I have...
Stage Creator and Final Smash? Thank you
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In the beginning the Universe was created...

Two minute, hundred man brawl. surprised

...this has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
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Familiar Phantom

Virtual Victrola

Thank you very much. I will return the favor by saying that I like your avatar because I do.

Haha. Maybe the next time we're both online, we can get a good-ol fashion Brawl on. I'd wish to play against you too. Hmmm... My main? I like playing as almost everyone, but.... My favorite and main is Sonic the Hedgehog. :3 (Speed=Win. =D) The name of the thread is a reference off one of his lines due to my favoritism for him ( "Sonic's the name. Speed's my game!" ) Herp Derp.

Although I'd love to do your rate now. I must be fair and do them in order, so please continue to be patient. 3nodding

Toon Link for me. (Zelda fan.) And my main was Link in SSB:M so I'm used to his moves. I hardly play anyone else but when I play Sonic, I have a habit of zooming off the terrain... (same with Meta Knight's whirlwind and Yoshi's egg rolling)... x.x

I look forward to the rates! =D
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Witty Loiterer

Oh hey! I'm not dead!

I didn't forget about this rating thread at all, and I'm glad to finally be back if you'll have me. Geez, your patience....it inspires me to do something!

Long story short. I had school finals (last time I'll probably have to take those buggers) for this half and was drowned in work.

...Then both my computer (chip fried) and my Wii (DVD drive caput) broke after a power outage. crying

But now they're both fixed, so I'm back! >;D And Iike I have to unlock all the characters and stages on Brawl again, I'll plow through your precious rates ever so slowly.... ninja
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Witty Loiterer

Melee and subspace emissary please :3

-/boots up new,black Wii-

Hmmm.... Another complicated avatar VS a more simple one.... Both of you have interesting color schemes with some harder items. And both have such character using diffent techniques.

I really wish I had more to say. This is one of the most difficult rates for me, especially when the avatars can be so different yet both so nice.

May I suggest the Lavender Heartstring? (Arm Pose)
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Witty Loiterer

○2 Minute Brawl

-/pauses game-

....Ehhhh. Has my game not been on in so long that data was deleted on me! Ack!

I can't rate this because there's nothing/no one to rate!

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Witty Loiterer

Subspace Emissary

Have you tried Talsi's Sash for more dark blue (like that hat)? =D
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Witty Loiterer

vee jumped
could i get a 2 minute brawl please? c:

Yes, you may. whee Ah yes. A good 'ol fashion beat-um-up!


I quite like your current avatar. It has an interesting face, clever layering, and a fresh color scheme.

I only wish that little bit of purple from the scarf was a different color or if the arms had a tinge more black on them. (But neither of those things can really be changed so it's no big deal at all.)

Your avatar has character and catches my interest. (And I commend you for the clever use of that jacket.)

2 minute brawl and Subspace Emissary, please.
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Timid Punk

Can I get a 2 minute brawl and a 100 man brawl please? :3
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Witty Loiterer

Ahaha, this is a fantastic thread idea!

My avi's not all that great, but I would like Stage Creator & 100 Man Brawl, please. heart

/presses START whee

Why thank you. -/bows politely-

I disagree. I think your avatar is quite nice.

It is a dark night in the middle of a swampy stage. Your avatar has been selected to try out an exploration setting that may be in the next edition of a fighting tournament in exchange for being in said tournament. Reluctantly, your avatar lifts her lantern to see the face of a creature placed in the stage. Undetered by its zombie-like appearance, your avatar swings the shaft of the light at it, causing it to disappear in a poof of violet dust. There is a shattering of glass, as the blow had broken the glass of the lantern. There is a distinct noise of a kindling flame as the small light that had guarded your avatar through the darkness began to spread forth. Slowly, light creeps back in. Illuminated in the misty fog are an endless, daunting mob of faces of the creature your avatar just defeated. Scowling and gritting her teeth, she clamps onto her staff, the remains of the shattered lantern, and pulls down her hood. With a battle cry, she charges forth towards the crowd of monsters, proceeding to plow through them like they were tissue paper.

Your avatar would defeat fifty-two enemies. After defeating the clone of a half-hazardly made avatar, your avatar would not expect the next two faceless enemies to appear so quickly and hit her under the stage to where she could not recover.

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