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Melee and subspace emissary please :3
○2 Minute Brawl
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Subspace Emissary
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could i get a 2 minute brawl please? c:
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Ahaha, this is a fantastic thread idea!

My avi's not all that great, but I would like Stage Creator & 100 Man Brawl, please. heart

/presses START whee
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-/boots up Wii and half-hazardly knocks it with foot-

Haha. I thought no one was going to post here. Lemme take a lonnnnng time to have a 1 V. 1 with all of you. Maybe I can unlock something by doing so many brawls!~

Perhaps I'll add a little Home Run Derby as an option? >:3

Old Man Vee
Melee and 100 man brawl please?

Oh cool. Someone picked this one (Melee) I made it on the fly and wait a second. -/notices post above yours is mine-. sweatdrop I see what you did there. ninja

Hnnn. Comparing my avatar to yours is like comparing....oh I got it! A Brawl related one. It's like comparing playing as Sonic and playing as Samus in her power suit. (Or in a simpler way apples to oranges.) Both of those characters are famed ones in Brawl, but they play differently both in Brawl and in their native series with cons and pros to both. You can take a straight forward route, fast route or you can add complexity and play differently. This is the beauty of both brawls and the Avatar Arena

The amount of detail, backround, and character are more than mine. There's value to both your very intricate design and my simpler (very simple) avatar. But the skill level of your avatar is very high, and I admire your avatar though it wouldn't be my style to make. Honestly, I believe your avatar is better than mine due to its character. (Haha. That was harder to say both due to the fact that they're different and that I don't want to bash myself into oblivion.)

Your avatar is pretty tough. You'd plow through your opponents carefully- by taking them by surprise. You'd get to 84, but at that time one of them would get a cheap hit on you to knock you off bounds....or you'd accidently KO yourself with a Smart Bomb because ONLY YOU CAN KILL YOU.
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Kitt Koneko
Stage Creator and uhm. Stage selection.

Please. n 3n <3


Your avatar wakes up suddenly on an operating table. She does not know how she got there or if everything was like this when she had gone to sleep. Had she gone to sleep or had she been knocked out? She can't remember, but doesn't care. Checking the cream satchel at her waist, she finds a ticket. Her eyes narrowed slightly, recalling it's for...some kind of tournament. She grinned a crooked grin, unseen eyes glinting with delight. She'd be sure to put up a good fight-whether they could take HER on was yet to be seen. Cracking her mechancial knee, she pried open the metal door of the mysterious building and wandered forth towards destiny.

Hmmm.... I'd find your avatar while meandering though a high-tech city. Someone would go down an alley and your avatar looming. Whether she'd want to tell you a story or do something less friendly, however, would be up to debate- her choice really.
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I loooove it. Thank you. <3
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Witty Loiterer

"2 Minute Brawl" & "Stage Creator" please?



I like the simplicity and color scheme of your avatar. It just bothers me a bit that the bottom of the avatar has more color that the top. The color of the skin is a little unbalanced, but I suppose its no big deal. Your avatar has a bit of realness to it and a classy character. I wish there could be a teeny bit more black with the bikini top. Maybe you can layer something black with it. Sometimes I can get away with layering things like that one angelic bra and a normal black bra, but I don't know if there would be a top that could to that here. That's no big deal either.

I really like the touches of gray too. Adds interest. ;3

Your avatar looks over a corner of a building. Gripping the cumbling, dull red bricks loosely, she peeks over the corner. It's nearing dusk, so she lowers her sunglasses ever so slightly to see better. However, it's not enough to lift that slight aura of mystery as one still cannot make out her eyes. Lips thinning, she notices a brightly colored figure cross her path. Seeing this as both her enemy and her opportunity, she leaps gracefully- stylish shoes not hindering her in the slightest. The victim does not hear the clank of bracelets before the attack. Your avatar punches the figure in the face, starting a battle for supremacy of the stage.
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Witty Loiterer

Kitt Koneko
I loooove it. Thank you. <3


You're welcome. Thank you for giving me a good avatar for that matchup.

In other news, it's getting a bit late for me. I'll peg down one or two more of you guys, but some of you may have to wait to fight another day (tommorrow). So if I don't get to you now, I'm very sorry.
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Two Minute Brawl and Team Brawl please!


Your avatar. I want to drown in it.

This is just as cool as playing a Bunny Ears Brawl as Sonic (who is my favorite character. So yeah. X3).

I love originality and clever combos and this reeks of it without being too much clutter where it's not needed. I saw that pose from Forteganoria the other day and I was like "You gotta be awesome to pull this off." So, you are offically in the Awesome Tier now.

The color scheme is so different and well pulled-off. I just wish there was a teeny bit more cream to match that belt.

Is that a book? I'm very curious as to what your avatar's reading. Haha. >;3

Yay! First to sign up on the Team Brawl. You shall be first on the green time 'cause part of your avatar's green and green is my favorite color.

Now who will be your valuable partner and your intimidating opponents? >=D
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I would like the rating of; stage selection and final smash.

Thank you.

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Fashionable Smoker

Cruel Brawl and Break The Targets!, please~

Also, I really like your item combo there, such pretty colors~
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2 minute brawl and Stage Creator please whee
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My apologies for the late replies. I had a concert and a play I was in, and didn't anticipate I wouldn't get to post. Here's your rates. :3

May I have a 2 Minute Brawl rate please?

Yes, you may.


I really like your theme and color scheme. It has many nice colors and is rather original. However, I wish you would add more items to accent the Forteganoria tattoos- or use a different tattoo maybe. The head of your avatar is a little plain, so you may want to add an accessory- a black one because there is no black up there.

Overall, I really like it- especially the expressive face.

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