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You look weird. o3o

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It has been a while since I have done this, and most of those items are new to me, except the dark halo. Love how you are floating there. 8. Purple is imbalanced.
not really much to say o.o
the shades of black match up pretty well and the overall avi is pretty balanced~
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I feel that there's an imbalance in pink, either the shades are a bit off or the brown/cream over powers it.
That aside, its a fantastic avi. 8.6/10
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Destructive Sentai

It's a bit tough to make gold and black original, but your item choices are good. That cloak along with the hair makes you look short and stubby—which is cute whee I also love that mischievous facial expression and the shine on the nose. It adds a lot.
The only thing breaking the balance are the stockings. It's too detailed while everything else is a solid black. But if you don't want to get rid of it, maybe Seracila Pendant's Laocoon stocking would help? I'm not sure.

Not a big fan of the whole scene style avi. I do like i how you vertically split the light and dark of the scene. 8/10.
If I remember correctly, you have always done monochromatic avis. In particular shades of grey. But it has been almost a year since I have logged onto gaia.
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Not really intriguing or original looking, but a good solid one-color avatar. 7.5/10

@ rater - If you could give me some suggestions for the head and for a handheld item, I would greatly appreciate it.
the cream is balanced throughout the avi, but i feel like the other colors aren't as balanced.
from neck down, I believe is a pretty good start and looks pretty~
but maybe replace your animal legs with some stockings or other items to balance the colors?
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8/10 cuuuute nice use of hat
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the pose here is nicely executed.
i love the face as always. i just wish the head didnt consist of so much white.
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It's my first time to rate a non-human avi, if you know what I mean. But then, it looks quite interesting esp. that you put the colorful stuff in the center serving as focal point of attention. It looks well done but I think something is really missing and I can't put my finger on it. 9/10

Mlle Cat

Thank you so much for your kind words. Love shall find you one day heart
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10/10 I love the lyrics and the avatar is simply stunning! *bows deeply*
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8/10 the red on the pants is bit too bright,, maybe you could try meaner expression,, face mod from pie hard might work here
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7/10 Quite nice. Are you a ghost?
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