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Try some makeup? The face is a little plain. I really like it otherwise. 9/10

@my rater: My theme is in my signature.
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yeah okay reference picture made it clear who you are.

But Imma have to give it an 8 coz Kim is rather chubby and avis in Gaia arent chubby sad
yeah okay reference picture made it clear who you are.

But Imma have to give it an 8 coz Kim is rather chubby and avis in Gaia arent chubby sad

Well then, there's not much I can do about it, is there? I do try to use bulkier clothes though.
Thanks for the rate + comments, comrade.

SKIP ME PLEASE, rate above~^
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@Kad: 10//10 love it :3
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Versatile Shapeshifter

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Looks pretty nice.

8/10 I like it, but I don't like how the hair cuts off the natural shape of the head
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~i don't quite like the bottom part..~
~too..hmn..gold-ish 3nodding

@RATER somebody remarked that:


Mmmm it looks like you tried something between cute,
soft and creamy. Since your asking for suggestions:
Well Get rid of that Alien Tattoo same for the shoes,
the shade of pink dosnt work with the softness the whole
avi presents. Instead try to find some lighter shoes with
the same shade. Remove the eyes, theres the same
problem, the colour is way to strong for such an avi -
The whole avi still looks very unfinished but if you
pay attention to the colours and how strong they look
if you put them on you could actually create a pretty
sweet avi with some work.


I Dont rate Low, I just let space for Awesome avis.

can you suggest some items? smile i really am out of ideas....
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Shy Conversationalist

I like your color scheme. It's really cute! 3nodding
I do suggest that you change your hat to a different shade of pink to match your avi since your current hat stands out too much.
And maybe change your hair so that people can see your avi's face emotion_c8

Whoah dude! It's like totally matching, and since I cough out cruddy avatars myself I can't really suggest anything. But hell you did an awesome job! [10/10] wink

PS: I know the shoes have a funny lining, but I can't real find any other fitting shoe but the wolf feet.*shrug*
Dont digg the demonic anklets too much and the goggles are bothersome but it looks awesome otherwise. 8/10
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Greedy Phantom

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@Fescennine Gamine

I don't get it... you're a demon... hunter... native... smoking... with a gas mask.......... and using heels and jeans.

Well then, even though the colors match pretty well, I don't think I have any idea of what you are, lol.

*edit* Now that I look at mine, it's also random and overclothed... emotion_sweatdrop

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gaia_nitemareleft ----- gaia_nitemareright
@ Fescennine - Nice avi ^^
I like it from head to toe (^-~)
I'll give you 10/10 gaia_star

@ Zefengel - tbe
I like your avi but there is not enough purple on it, so I'll give you:
8/10 emotion_c8
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Sparkly Fatcat

9/10 Not much comment I can put here anymore.

@rater: Any suggestions would be nice, I still feel as if this avi needs something.

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