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@Rater: I'm a model, carrying a present behind my back. heart
7/10 Super model!
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I'm digging the background and the purple/white combo.


@ next rater, remove the keyblade or no?
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id find a diff weapon IMO

You left me hanging there. emotion_facepalm

@Rater: Skip me.
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Very cool! Great, original theme, and the animated item doesn't take away or distract. I feel like the gray hat doesn't particularly match the colour scale you have but it isn't bad!
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I love the color scheme. It's soft and pretty! Plus, it's not too overwhelming like some avis I see.
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I like it for a more realistic avatar! (: But I don't find the pink headband fitting and my eye is always automatically drawn to the checkered design on the knee.

7 / 10
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Creepy- reminds me of Ursula, but much prettier and seductive.
Maybe find a different corset-thing? It's hard to see the cleavage effect of the Rosamund (if that's what you're using it for), and the specs of the gold-ish color from it seem a bit off.

@rater- Could I get some suggestions?
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O.G. Fatcat

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I totally get this sort of runway-model theme from your avatar. Love the facial expression and the open top haha! The jeans and the sandals throw me off though. Not rating colours since this isn't a colour themed avatar. Very fun overall!
It's cute, but the colors are all over the place.
Try to stick with the light pink of the cardigan and the cyan of the Pegasus.
You may be able to pull off the mint shade if you implement it in a more balanced way.
Sorry to say this, but it's something I've seen before.
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Very good, though the pants bothers me. I don't know if it's because of the color, or because of it being plain looking compared to the rest of the avi.... but that's my only problem with the avi.
Over all very appealing.
I've seen you with this cosplay for awhile now, you've made some revisions. Nice overall look. 10/10
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you know, the more I look at it, the less the sword bothers me

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