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i still find the blue in the midsection kind of distracting, but aside from that it looks great
oh, wow. 10/10. probably because you used my favorite color scheme ever, and pulled it off extremely well. heart love your avatar, dude.
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Dont Skip MEh D:<

Try to use less different Blues, now it looks a little.. messy

@rater: My avi is supposed to be plain, so dont tell me that
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Hmm...It's cute, and I like the simplicity, it works here. =] Maybe if you had a speckle of your silverish-blue tints you have going on at your feet too, though? Because everywhere else there's a little blue-silver right now, but not on your shoes. <3 Also...this is just me, but your halo sort of stands off to me and I'd replace it with a different head item thing, just so you head doesn't seem too bare. ='] but 8.5/10 <3

rater; advice please? I'm know it's not perfect, but gaia is seriously lacking in good teal items, for instance. OTL I couldn't quite achieve what I was imagining myself. :'/

I also had an idea I was aiming for...so if you think it's completely random and out of the blue, it's...not that random. rofl

One thing, dont tell me I need more pink ='D I purposely wanted her to have a shocking mane of pink hair, and have that be the only pink thing on her. ^^ So I'm not attempting to match the pink; I want it to stand out, in fact. 3nodding
9//10 awesome

@rater: rate and please give suggestions for how to make my avatar be better.
get items? your dream avatar looks pretty good, but your actual one is still in its basic form. start moving towards your goal and we'll help you along the way. skip me if you feel like rating her better.
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nice, 8.
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@ Drake-ONeill 7/10, it's pretty alright, you've got some random blue in there and try to work with the face a bit more, maybe try the soot face explode or... something.

@ Doll Domination 8.5/10, I like what you've got going on with the tattoos over the skin. Hmmm, I don't know if I like the hood or not, on one hand, it pumps up the theme and personality of the avi and on the other hand it's a lot of black on the top. That's up to you I guess.
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you should try to balance the cream color into the avi more 6/10
@rater suggestions please
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Anothe shoes. 6;10
looking good! have you thought about the wings from the TM (time piece) item?
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@Spirit: You need some more grey to balance your avi out. Other than that, it looks really good. 8.5/10

@Rater: Rate and suggestions for my dream avi please? I tried to use more orange since there is an orange gem on the dress..had a little bit of problems with the feet and legs.
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