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6/10. i'm sure i'd like it if it weren't backwards.
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@Ms Vickles: I like it, but I think you should add a little bit more red. 8/10

@Rater: I'm really unsure about my head. Any suggestions?
Ms Vickles
6/10. i'm sure i'd like it if it weren't backwards.

The snake is a little off. Maybe the whip from Nightmare? It's also a little simple for my tastes, and the theme isn't really expressed clearly enough. 7/10

Edit: Sharpie: The head is awkard. Maybe the blue version of the fascinator. And a different hat, this one is so bulky. And (for me at least) the colors are all so dull, it kind of blends into itself. 7/10
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I rated you before and I didn't like the white snakes, but now they're red I think you look just awesome!! =D
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Not really sure on what advice I can give. I think maybe you could lose the snake and use a different gun. Otherwise I like it a lot <3

Edit: Whoops, wrong rate.


The colors match pretty well, but either lose the green stuff or add some more ^^
@people who rated me: yeah, it's a little simple for my own tastes honestly, and some things don't match (i'm actually usually a total weirdo about matching things perfectly) but i was going for a Metal Gear Solid themed avatar (hence the snake and revolver, etc)
thanks~ heart

rating: 7/10. i love gold and white together 3nodding it just seems a little.. naked.
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Cool, I miss something on the arms, maybe those chun-lin bracelets from the street fighter item? I think they look really cool, but any gloves would look a little better.
8/10: absolutely adorable. smile It might need some green down around the shoes to balance the greens, or perhaps a held green item. But otherwise, really cute.
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The...color is quite off, imo. You've got a red and yellow avi going on, but then you have green in that the Carol item doll, and white hair and whitish background. It makes your avi look less well-designed that way. I'd say lose the background, lose the little puppet, and find maybe a yellow hairstyle with red head accessories to go with the rest of your gown. The gown's red and yellow itself have potential. =] 6/10

rater; advice please? I'm know it's not perfect, but gaia is seriously lacking in good teal items, for instance. OTL I couldn't quite achieve what I was imagining myself. :'/

I also had an idea I was aiming for...so if you think it's completely random and out of the blue, it's...not that random. rofl

One thing, dont tell me I need more pink ='D I purposely wanted her to have a shocking mane of pink hair, and have that be the only pink thing on her. ^^ So I'm not attempting to match the pink; I want it to stand out, in fact. 3nodding
i reeaaallly like the blues and the pinks together with grey. the only thing that rubs me the wrong way for some reason is the eye. i think it'd work better if it was light teal. you could work in a bit more pink other than just the hair, too. but otherwise, it is really nice.

I AM SO SORRY I TOLD YOU TO USE MORE PINK. forget it. didnt read carefully enough sad
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ϟℓiℓა აαץაϟ

9/10 I saw you were going for a MGS theme, which I can definitely see. I think you should try a different pose for holding the snake though. It looks awkward held like that.

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6/10 the background clutter is a turn off.
D i i N O Q U E E N

The head is really bare and the bustier is really dark. O: 6/10

Very colourful and.. interesting to look at.
But im rly not a fan of those cluttered Avis if i can call it like that.


@rater: My avi is supposed to be plain, so dont tell me that.

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