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linas so sexay ^_~

her av= 7

nice kalen! i have to save up for my galsses again, i had to sell them to afford these pants.
so.........theres rules now...........SON OF A...........why for am rules be ussed.........i perfer a wrld of chaos and fluffy marsmallows
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I say 9/10 for ShadowStar... she's got the mysterious assassin look to her, and I love the conical hats (but they look goofy on me).

I'd give Jedigirl about 8/10; she's right, she is pretty cute and simple, even if she doesn't pay attention to the rules. ^_^

Lastly, I'm not sure what I'd give Turglith... maybe a 7/10. I like the oddness factor, but he's a little too incongruous.

So that means everyone got a rating! I didn't really know which of the three before me that hadn't gotten rated I should rate... so I figured a blanket coverage would be safest.
8/10 for CeramicPig.. he has a cute emo/nerd look, 'cept missin' the glasses. And everyone knows that nerd/-geek boys are the cutest! Nyo whee

Wish girls could have ties. -pout-
I am posting again becos I wanna know what people think of my black fox avvie.

Lexi Nigt : I love orange hair and the blue fluffy baby doll dress is so cute! I give ya a 7/10
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love the dark fox look but i don't like the blue hair much....with the outfit..... sweatdrop still it's a cool look so i give it a 7 outta 10...
kitty looks prett classy honestly, 7/10.
i like sdeleven's whole dominatrix thing...i just had to comment on it. smile 9

k|aka|ou is a 7 i guess
Purple hair. Mmm. 9.
Simmer's got a kickass outfit, "secret agent" stylez. i give it 9
hello all smile
he's naked so I give it a 2
It rulz, I especially like the hat and the tie. 8
Fender your style is simple and clean, yet Foxy! hehe biggrin
i love the buck nakedness thats wut ill be till the day i die on here cept my expensie shades!!! you get 10 nakedness rocks! domokun

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