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Heh, nice hotweather/beach thing going on with the shoes and pants biggrin

You look cool! 6/10

(i don't give that high ratings ^__^; 6 is quite good in MY point of wiew biggrin )

So, now, someone rate me, instead of some dumb phuck telling me that i look like s**t, if someone thinks that i look like s**t, at least explain WHY :3
cool clothes and hair 8/10
I like yours you got the Neo thing going on. But you hair doesnt seem to fit with it.

keith - 6/10

not too shabby, has kind of a cartoon heroes thing goin on, but at the same time its missing something majorly. needs more flow and more variety at the same time, ya know? (hint : ditch the gloves, or work ONLY with the gloves, as in a tail and ears...)
I'm back, and with cat ears. 3nodding Olaf, you get a 7/10. It's just so koolies. xd Reminds me of some type of body builder. sweatdrop
OMG!!! 10/10 (11 if it's possible). So damn cute~! blaugh
I like your eyepatch and red eye thing going on!

9/10, just cause I love your name XD
I'll give you a 10, but that's mainly 'cause I can't see any avatars at all crying
glasses are sexy !!!!!!!! woohoo 10 biggrin domokun im so pimp sweatdrop
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heh I'll go with a 9 cause it takes alot of cojones to wear nothing but shades, lol
@.@ Oooh... I'm giving you a 9/10 for that cool look with the shades, but the overall rocker/bad boy/hotness look of the outfit. Red jacket and black pants... rowr...
hm...i give Aquafire a 8 and 1/2 3nodding

stylish! i like the fox tail!
I give Hitomi_Mikoru an 8.5. She's classy yet simple. Very chic.
I knew i ******** up... sorry..

Mahanaxar ya need to get some shoes going.
Oddly that look reminds me of the "lazy buisnessman"
DOnt feel like wearing a suit so a t shirt with a tie and dark pants will do.

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