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Shy Gaian

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very gorgeous <3

I'd love a rate. C:
1800s Governess c:;Old Prune

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O.G. Shopper

too much sparkle 7/1o
rate me
I like the different blond colors you have, not a really stand out and catch your avi though. 7/10

Rate this avi I tektek'd?

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Cluttered Gaian

    mega post w/ rates. oh snap.

    thanks for the rates, everyone! <3


    this doesn't suck~

    + nice color scheme
    - could use a bit more detail

    Sifen Yamishi

    + interesting shapes that lead your eye to swirl through this
    - the golds on top are too hard textured for the rest of the av,
    the backgrounds and tree thing make this look more scrambled
    and visually unappealing, the shape gets lost in it. the black
    triangle created by the skirt bothers me.


    + i love thissss, the shape is very interesting
    - the face is a bit too quirky for me, but that's just preference,

    Mercenary K

    no worries! i like this avatar, i'll rate it too~

    + love this so much, the small bits of orange are great.
    - not sure if i like the galaxy grenade or not

    i think there are shoe clips that can add a small bit of
    orange to the feet, check tektek, i think i saw an item
    with shoe clips, can't think of the name though.


    + i love this avatar so much, very smart distribution of colors, great color scheme too.
    - the bare hand bugs me, maybe add a black rosary bead if the texture isn't too strong for this.
    but i understand you're trying to balance out the skin~

    Devils Ink

    + you achieved the look you were going for, the face is bizarre, but i like it.
    - the bottom needs some of that fine detail like in the headpiece and fan

    try out some black overskirts or the picolitrosso black sash, the sash would
    be perfect in this

    G-Dragon Has Arrived

    + i like all of the creams
    - the textures don't really match, the colors do, but the
    textures don't which makes this look unbalanced and unappealing,

    Yokai Girl

    were you rating the person above you or is that a typo? o:

    + nice character and overall look
    - the skull pin seems out of place,
    maybe a smaller black hairpin?

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Lonely Codger

Meow~ 4laugh As long as the negative isn't about the halo cause that's all people seem to mention, I just don't have the heart to get rid of it~ emo

But I like your avi~ 3nodding It's just kinda...a cloud of pretty sparkles~ sweatdrop
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Shameless Exhibitionist

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  • Nerd 50

And mine looks totally cliche, I suppose. BUT THERE'S A REASON FOR IT, I PROMISE.
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Witty Fairy

Your avi is absolutely lovely! It is very well put together and everything blends beautifully! <3 10/10
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Original Sex Symbol

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  • Flatterer 200
Love your avi 10/10

Rate for me? emotion_kirakira
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Kawaii Hellraiser

; u ; your avatar is perfection.
please rate, loves?
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Ruthless Smoker

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  • Brandisher 100
  • Elocutionist 200
rates all around, ill take one biggrin
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  • Forum Regular 100
  • Brandisher 100
That's awesome. 10/10.
I love that there's still a lot of character behind everything.
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Shy Fatcat

I really like your avatar~
It's unique.
Kazu Faiya's avatar

Sparkly Phantom

You look like a beautiful star field. <3
Hiya. I'm not really looking for a number rate, just suggestions would be nice. >__<
(I'm trying to collect enough to have a legitimate "clutter" avi.
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Vicious Knight

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  • Survivor 150
  • Unleash the Beast 100
Very well-coordinated. Kudos.

Mind giving your thoughts on mine?

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