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What animal do you think you are most like? (not fav)

Squirrel 0.068376068376068 6.8% [ 8 ]
Rabbit 0.12820512820513 12.8% [ 15 ]
White Tiger 0.12820512820513 12.8% [ 15 ]
Deer 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 13 ]
Chinchilla 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 13 ]
Burrowing Owl 0.034188034188034 3.4% [ 4 ]
Raccoon 0.094017094017094 9.4% [ 11 ]
Wolf 0.21367521367521 21.4% [ 25 ]
Bear 0.017094017094017 1.7% [ 2 ]
Dolphin 0.094017094017094 9.4% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 117 ]
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Welcome to Neroji! Where we hold contests and rate your amazing avatars.

> Normal rules as always: you've all heard them. Follow those T.O.S. laws.
> If we skip you please politely tell us. We're busy people.
> If you're rude, just leave. Only cool people here man.
> If you have any problems, comments, concerns, whatever, please just pm this account (allmidori). It is our mule acount used strictly for this thread.
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Thread Creators, Contest Managers, and Overall Head Honchos.
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Other Raters.
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Thread Guru.--------------Thread's Pirate Hooker.
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(Don't want to be in a contest but still want to be rated? This is where you need to be!)

> A normal out of ten (10/10) rate is all we offer at the moment.
> Also, we do not rate tekteks or anything other than your current avatar.
> You can be rated as many times as you like as long as your avatar has changed.
> Only post the "Rate Me!" thing ONCE and then WAIT. If you feel like we've skipped you, politely point it out.
> Only Raters can rate, please. If you want to chat and bump, go ahead, but only the thread raters should rate.

Okay, now just copy and post this.

(Rate me!)
[center][size=17][b][color=#FF9C31](Rate me!)[/b][/size][/center][/color]

> If you do not post this you will not be rated.

User Image <---{1} KarmaeLoverOfGod / Peachie_Keen {6}--->User Image
User Image<---{2} Zrana / Not Filled Yet ---> User Image
User Image<---{3} IRIS HEARTS / Not Filled Yet ---> User Image
User Image<---{4} Naama_sweet_Candy/ Not Filled Yet --->User Image
User Image <---{5} Chill Pill / Not Filled Yet --->User Image

Contest Rules

Entry Fee is 500g
(-> please send trade labled "Avatar Contest" or something to this account, Allmidori)
(-> also, it is very helpful if you either pm this account, or post somewhere on the thread so we can save your avatar.)

There will be a first place and a second place.
3000g goes to First Place.
1000g goes to Second Place.
1000g is split between us beause we're awesome and deserve something.

How we determine the winner.

There will be a poll (just like ever other normal contest)
We will find the percentage of votes for each contestant.

That percentage will be multiplied by ten to make it worth more than the raters percentages.

[An example contest link will be added here later. Till then if you have any questions please pm this account.]

Next, both of us will grade each contestant on these five attributes:

Matching:- Colors work nice together?
Coordination:- Items work well together? does it flow?
Orginality:- Have we seen this before?
Fits Theme:- How well does the avatar incorporate the theme?
Overall Look:- Step back. Does it look good?

That will give you two more grades, one from each of us.

That gives you the percentage from the poll,
A percentage grade from Nerocinu
and a percentage grade from yusaji.

We add those all up and find the average grade. Whoever with the highest percentage wins, easy. and the person with the second highest gets second place, easy again.

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Contest Information

Current Contest:
---Theme: Be Yourself!
---Starting Date: Pending
---Planned Ending Date: Pending

This contests theme means basically what it says--dress however you see fit! No real theme, just be yourself.

Next Contest:
---Theme: To be decided
---Schedualed Begin Date: Pending

Contest Results.


Cool avatars.
---(people who have won contests or we thought were just wicked awesome.)
Link back to us
---(we'll love you)

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Links to cool places

---(Want your button up here? Pm this account and we'll add you right away.)

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Nerocinu's Realm
not really

This is my post where I can put ANYTHING. It doesn't necessarily have to do with this thread.

My Quest


Thanks to Yusaji and Vathar, who both donated to my cause, I have my scarf!!! yay me!!

Lookit my pretty avatar!! lookit it!!!

Yay! New Avatar to try to get! (I have to have SOMETHING to keep me going!)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Item List:
Black Stockings
Black Strapless Bra
Blacklisted Skimpy Swim Bottom
Gwee the Dragon
HIPster Green Tint Shades
Lex's Dark Gloves
Midori Cache Pants
Raptor Wind Horns
Red Flame Shoes
Red Tie
That Red 90s Vest

Estimated Total: 43,605 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 05 April 2007)
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---a spot where I am allowed to post whatever I wish.

I'm a harsh rater, get over it.

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: Tenth of Feb.
---Gaia Age: 3 years.
---Gaia Birthday: Seventh of March.
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Blue
I am worth: 1,024,319g (as of March 17, 2007)

I have bumped...

Like any of the banners on this page?
Pm this account (yusaji, not allmidori)
and I might be able to help you.
For a fee.

- -- -::-:::-:::::-:::::;|;::;|||||||;::;|;:::::-:::::-:::-::- -- -

I currently want to get the Dark Halo.
Last time I checked it was --- 44,000g.
Current gold amount: ------- 4,900g

Donate over 1,000g and I'll scetch your avatar in photoshop. ninja

- -- -::-:::-:::::-:::::;|;::;|||||||;::;|;:::::-:::::-:::-::- -- -

I have alot of items (at least I think so.) So if you feel like wanting to dress me up click here and do it! Hey, then show me, maybe I'll even post the really frickin' awesome ones up here and all.
Just click man
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1,000 posts.

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