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Made for Each Other ❣
"It's like they were made for each other!" (v2)

tab Rulestabtab Some Information You Need To Know/Amazingly Helpful LinksUPDATEtabtab So Why The New Thread?tab
tab So, What's This Thread All About, Anyway?tabtab How To Post Your Combostab
tab Why Yes, We Have Seen That Beforetabtab Reprimandstab

Credit goes to Kazeko-sama for the awesome banner
Rules ❣

tab Please keep off topic chatter to a minimum. If the conversation gets extensive, please keep in mind that you could always use PMs, comments, or better yet, the guild's Chatterbox (read next post for more info).

tab Defined: posting a combo that has already been posted. Please do your best to refrain from this. If your combo uses a new item, please go back a handful of pages to be sure someone else hasn't posted it. If you do end up reposting a combo, don't sweat it too much. Sometimes a refresher is nice, but keep in mind, we all like seeing new ideas wink

Quotes and Quotes and Quotes
tab Please keep quote trees to a minimum. Also, in the small quote trees allowed, please snip out the combo's img code so the combo isn't seen multiple times in a row. It's bothersome to those who like to look at every post, not to mention it just takes up unnecessary room.

tab Please include an image of the combo you're mentioning, whether or be tektek or screenshot. No, "just look at my avi" will not suffice, seeing as people change their avis all the time.

Hey, does this Gogh make me look fat?
tab Do NOT ask for matching advice or help on an avatar. We have a subforum in the guild for that (see next post for more info), or you could create your own thread in the AT itself. This includes "what matches [insert item here]?" posts.

What? You mean I can't wear 17 shirts at once?
tab Do NOT ask if your tektek will layer properly here. kk fasho created a thread solely for that purpose, and the link can be found in the next post.

Tip! Uh...er...Hint: Tip!
tab Whether you be a reg, newbie, avid poster, or lurker, we can all benefit from tipping. It'll help cut down on the posts that are nothing but "nice" or "ohhh pretty", and lurkers will have a way to express their gratitude as well. Not a requirement, of course, it's just polite.

Thank you ♡
Some information you need to know ❣

We have a fabulous guild that you should join if you love this thread: "It's like they were made for each other" - the Guild

It contains some incredibly handy features like:
✮ All the combinations posted in here and the old thread, but organized by color!
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match subforum. Want to know what matches that one item you find so impossible to use? Ask here, and someone's bound to post something!
✮ Want to chat with all the awesome people you've met here or in the old thread? Well, there's a Chatterbox for exactly that!

Some amazingly helpful links ❣

The Chat Thread
It's like they were made for each other!---the old thread. Please DO NOT NECRO. The link is here for viewing only <3
Solving Your Layering Problems!---kk fasho's awesome thread. Hate it when Tektek lies to you? Want to know for sure if something layers like you want it to? This is the thread for you.
Where did you get those winged boots~?---the hidden ghost's thread in the guild which lists all the shoes that layer over Gift of the Goddess (Athena's Enlightened Shoes)'s to give you the other shoes + wings. Very helpful if you're trying to get that hint of white at your feet <3
Mishmash! Want to try out your avatar making skills? This thread has a new challenge every week. Definitely worth checking out!
So why the new thread?

Perinoculous gave birth to this wonderful thing called "It's like they were made for each other!" , and watched fondly as it grew and grew, bringing avatar enthusiasts (posters and lurkers alike) together in a way never seen before. Because of the thread, people were able to share closely guarded secrets, and from it was spawned a desire to find and share new combos that people had never seen before. Eventually, like all good mothers, Perinoculous decided it was time to let go of the thread and let it live on it's own. And it flourished. It survived being relocated from the GCD to the AT, and grew large enough to create a guild all it's own.

Unfortunately, the thread still needs the warm touch of a mother's hand, to be able to do the things that only a mother can do---like update the OP to inform newcomers of various happenings. As an avid lurker of old thread since page 3, I have heard the thread's sobs in the middle of the night crying out for it's mother, and it broke my heart. I decided to adopt the thread and take care of it as if it was my own, but I shall never forget that it was Perinoculous who gave birth to it, and is it's real mother.

Update: We have Perinoculous' blessing! [Link]
So, what's this thread all about, anyway?

I'm glad you asked! Have you ever had that moment when creating an avatar, when a couple of items just seem to work together so perfectly that it's hard to believe they aren't just different poses of the same item, or just one brand new item all together? They work so well, you begin to think that maybe they were designed to work together this way, like they were make for each other. This thread is about sharing that moment with others, and inspiring users to push the limits of avatar creation as we know it.
How to Post Your Combos ❣

How you want to present your combos is totally up to you, these are just the most commonly seen ways, provided with tips to give your combos the maximum impact! Remember, it is a requirement in this thread to post a picture of the combo.

General Tips
✮ Keep your post simple. If someone has to search your post for the combo/item list, they'll probably give up. On that note...
✮ Always include an item list. No matter how common the items are.
✮ Always include a body. Just seeing 2+ items floating in air doesn't help anyone. People can't tell how the items fit on an avi, exactly where they go, what gender the item goes on, etc. Tektek's Mannequin (Fake White) base is popular (Body > Type > Special > 3rd from the end). Just a plain Tektek body, or even your naked avi base will do just fine, though.
✮ Some items look different on males than on females. If the combo is different (or even the same) , it's very nice to include images of both, or make a little note.
✮ If your combo is/adds a small detail, a before/after or with/without is great.

The Simple Entry
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Ninja Fish Shadow Gear + Anesidora's Woe (Envy's Guard)

Plain avi dressed in nothing but the combo. Often a tektek with the Mannequin (white) body or just a skin tone, may or may not include hair/eyes. The focus is entirely on the combo. This is the most popular way to post, and other people really like seeing this format.

The Cut-Out
User Image
Mana Seed + Opal Borealis + Gogh Reed (clip)

For those of you who feel colorful (;

The rest of the avi doesn't matter, so why include it? Just a small snippet of where the combo is.

The Complete Avi Post
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
courtly coiffure + blue acinonyx + checkmate + keen bandit + frigid night jewel + seracila pendant
the gravedigger + fremere's guard + black bow tie + steel-plated ninja band + atrum egg + kung fu panda (black belt) + silent night + oh my gumball + angelic manner

The most controversial. Be sure to ALWAYS make the actual combo stand out in the avi, and the combo list needs to be more prominent than the 'rest of the avi' list (and yes, both lists need to be included). This type of post should never be utilized as an opportunity to showcase whatever avi making skills you may have/think you have.

Thanks Silme_Ethel, Choco_Slushie, Joshua84 for not getting mad at me for stealing your combos from the thread! If there is an issue, please feel free to PM me, and I'll either take your name out, or find a different combo to use, whichever you want <3
Why yes, we have seen that before ❣

This post is reserved for those combos that keep on popping up again and again. Yes, they're very pretty, but we've seen them before. Many times before. Please make sure what you're posting isn't listed here!

1User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.2User Image3User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.4User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.5User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.6User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
7User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.8User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.9User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

1--Raider Shih + Kottan Bell
2--Raider Shih + Tea Time Dresses
3--Solar Mage + Summer Bride/Summer Groom
4--Voluptuous Dress + Milady Skirt (all colors)
5--Sugarsuite + Bacchus
6--Antique Shop + Prince Patchoulli
7--Gothique Harliquin + Persephone + Keiongaku Style
8--Checkmate+Night's Knight+Noel's Gift+Illynica's Honor+Selkie+Les Freaks+Celaeno+Tomorgenne Maid+etc. Cream is cream is cream. Unlike most other colors, Gaia doesn't vary their cream (like, at all), so yes, they all match.
9--Elemental Hair + Elemental Wings + Frontier Skies Wind Medal + Fallen Wish
Reprimands ❣

Drama annoys everyone. If you have an issue with someone or what someone is doing, please contact them outside of the thread. Politely. Being a b***h won't accomplish anything. If you have an issue in which you need to address the entire thread, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST. Drop me a PM/Comment. I really don't mind being contacted (for any reason. Really. I do not mind). I will discuss the issue with you until we determine there really isn't an issue, or if there actually is, I will address the thread myself. That's what an OP is for.

There is no blacklist in this thread. What we do have is my personal ignore list. As of this post, it is empty, and I would love to keep it that way. If you cause enough drama to disrupt the thread, I will ignore-list you. It might be for a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, it might be permanent if you're obviously just trolling. If you're ignored, you can still see and follow the thread, you just can't post in it. I have yet to see an instance in this thread that would warrant such drastic measures, but if it should ever escalate to that degree, I would like everyone to be aware of the measures that will be taken.
Reserved---Just in case
Reserved---Just in case
Reserved---Just in case
Reserved---Just in case
Reserved---Just in case
Reserved---Just in case
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Credit again to Kazeko-sama for the gif

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