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Holy crap, this thread has been going on for 3 years...daaaaayum!

Omg Congrats Dai 0.69148936170213 69.1% [ 65 ]
Stfu and get back to rating, SLAVE MONKEY! 0.095744680851064 9.6% [ 9 ]
You rly ned 2 get a lyf bruh 0.085106382978723 8.5% [ 8 ]
These poll options are making me sad :'( 0.12765957446809 12.8% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 94 ]
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Pharaoh Misa
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              Is it wrong that I'm boycotting this thread until shoot the judge comes back? emo I understand, but that doesn't mean I like it. emotion_donotwant
You might be boycotting for a long time then because I have no idea when I'm gonna bring it back as an option you can choose :L

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              But, I am a very patient woman. emotion_dowant Nah, I can't stay away from you. emotion_hug I've just been in a block lately.
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Lady Saosin
hmm I'll have to search for some the one's I have on now are the only skeletal one's I had on hand so I shall search the mp for some lol
Those wings look perfectwith it c:
thank you c:
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Innocent , Last meal, mug shot.

Also , i was told my avie needed an upgrade. But the person failed to suggest the particular items to upgrade with. Although , how would they know which items would my avie need in order to get and keep my original intent , theme and context?
While I agree that saying you need an upgrade and then not providing any more suggestions or help is a bit odd, you gotta understand that rates are completely subjective, so without knowing your avatar goal or context, then the rater is purely going off what they think would look good to them, not really to you. It's a subconscious thing that people seem to not be aware of when they rate people lol. We're all trying to mold you in our own image if we don't know what you're going for xD

I quite enjoy avis with a bit more of the old school feel to them, and I like how you actually look quite composed in theme. Reminds me of some sort of Renegade Dark Elf.

Reminds me of a drink called the Flaming Moe~

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Thank you ! that pic is Epic ! And that drink...is that from the simpsons? xd
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XD aww poor you! I bet it was X3
It was a lot of fun though c:

emotion_kirakira wow I'm loving your avi's new look emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
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I Hold You in Contempt! << this ne will really interest me.

This is the 4th avi I have made in 2 days. My next one will be very simple. I get tired of trying to wield item glitches to get this to look right lol
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wow you are such a cutie omfg redface
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Oh god: this has been ages! sweatdrop
Still gonna whoop my a** for all the leaves and petals I left behind? If so: Mind handing me a slap with the Guilty paddle and a Mug Shot to remember this moment by?
Yess it's been forever and a day ;w;
And of course, I will always gripe at you about the petals and leaves you leave behind :')
It's my JOB!

I'm not loving the forehead area with the Crane Empress thingy :L It's very distracting and adds too much of that shade.

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Jackson Pollock...
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order in the court & mugshot please? surprised
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Can I have Innocent, Guilty & Rehabilitation please?~
The colours you've used are gorgeous together, and I like how it looks like it's very doll-like and child like c:

Not loving the face. It's quite bored and boring compared to the rest of the avatar. The Nartian shock lines contradict how unfazed she looks :L Perhaps some more expressive eyes?

I'm sorry, we cannot rehabilitate you at this moment in time. yum_tea

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