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Are you a Single Pringle or Taken Bacon? (referring to relationships)

Single Pringle 0.61320754716981 61.3% [ 65 ]
Taken Bacon 0.38679245283019 38.7% [ 41 ]
Total Votes:[ 106 ]
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Silverlight Symphony
Ugh, I wants it so bad! Then they will release it and I wont have the funds for it, just watch! lol.
I would LOVE to see people making froggie avatars, it would be so good lol
Ugh too true, I keep running out of funds right when I want something that's deflated x.x

I hate it when you buy something then something you want more comes out 5min later emotion_facepalm has happened a few times now...

I am entering that art contest for spirit of summer. Its a long shot as there are some really amazing artists on Gaia, but hey! you never know! xd I just want the taru or kitsuko items stare
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So would I! I'd probably never miss a single episode lol

Ohhhh that sounds so cool! I reckon a lot of people would like that a lot more. We have a DDR machine at one of our arcades in the city, and there's this one guy who has been playng DDR there every single day for 5 years apparently! He always comes in and beats his high score unless they're closed xD Ugh I've made so many fitness resolutions...I've only stuck to my MMA workout so far which I'm ashamed of UGH!

Oh wow, yeah okay now I understand why there's no more screwing around! What are you studying at the moment? Haha it's just odd because usually in my other threads I have hit and run visitors rather than people who keep up conversation xP Aww well I feel that with having a permanent rate thread in such a tight knit forum, thread owners NEED to be engaging and put effort in, otherwise the forum seems unapproachable >< Also, I just love talking to people and genuinely helping them out where possible c: Oh lord I got on today and had over 40 notices plus 13 PM's x.x I diiiied! xD Awww I find you likeable as well!!!! ;w;

How long have you been an ATer? o: Well everyone seems to like you and you're definitely a welcome part of the forum! We're not going anywhere emotion_awesome

OMBBQ I miss arcades! When I was younger, I was immersed in the idea of spending the time there after school just as it showed in cartoons. Unfortunately, not a lot of my friends were excited about it, but the guy you mentioned had dedication! He probably does competitions if he appears that eager. MMA is intense, it's really great for building core! I don't think I have enough energy to commit to that, but I was thinking of trying out pole dancing on one occasion, LOL. I can build arm muscles whilst still be graceful.

I'm majoring in design but in the domain of Interface Design. It might change. Currently, I'm still figuring out my pursuits because my program is so broad.

That makes sense, and you're very helpful no doubt. Holy, that is an insane amount of notices. emotion_0A0 I had an idea before, so I tried not to prolong my replies when I asked for ratings to save you a bit of break. Plus, I believe you were a bit sick then.

I've been an ATer since the start of last year but I soon became inactive because I fell in love. XDDDDDDDD It kept me from logging back on the site but the funny thing was that a year later, I no longer feel the same way about him. And eventually, I started to become more active in the AT. I supposed being preoccupied with my avatar was a way for me to forget about my feelings. Oh my, I'm thrilled that you think so! I think I'm easily forgotten.
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Currently studying biochemistry. Might be going to med school, might be going into public health research (think CDC and stuff). Not really sure yet.

I should probably decide soon though, going to (hopefully) graduate soon. ^_^;;

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Oh gawd.... This spirit of summer art contest is really turning me into a zombie emotion_zombie I wonder how I am even able to walk i am so tired. Hopefully i can get this coloring done this weekend for i wont have time on the weekdays. I had another picture but i am not sure if i can get the current one done yet, so that one prolly will never even get started.
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Hey, Dai, Dai! Well I bought with my 110B a 25 pack of the new ninja/asian item packs. I didn't get the Headband, but I got Orinkage which gave me a neck headband xD

I like it better than the other headband, so I'm now making non-2007-exclusive avis again!

Sooooo, Innocent, Guilty, Shoot the Judge (rehab if worthy)
hi dai! how are you?
i've attempted to use these very inexpensive legs to create a sort of tribal avi. i absolutely love the color pallet of the legs.

order in the court, guilty, and rehab please!
heart heart heart
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May I request Order in the Court, Arrested, and Holding in contempt~?

And, hello everyone~
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Good day Dai!
I would like to request a rate of Order in the Court,Innocence and Guilty on this avi. :3
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My avi making is getting rusty. :c

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