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If I asked you to dance, would you do it, even if the only music playing was the beat of our hearts...

I would dance with you all night long 0.36111111111111 36.1% [ 13 ]
I'm sorry...but I do not dance... 0.36111111111111 36.1% [ 13 ]
OMIGOD DAI WHY YOU SO DEEP?! 0.27777777777778 27.8% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 36 ]
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      ✾ ✾ I'm SORRYYY
      I have too many avatar ideas that I just wanna dooooo
      Here's my halftar ;D
      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Haha it's fine sweet pea c;

For a first Halfatar it's really good c: The shape though is really odd and I find that the blue side is a lot more cohesive than the red side. The pinks and yellows that are thrown in with the reds looks a bit odd and thrown in purely for clutters sake. It's veeery nice otherwise though c:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      ✾ ✾ Ah that cake is awesomeeee. xD
      Haha, I was just struggling with items that covered half of the body, so it's sooo far from perf LOL crying
      Blue side is my favourite of the two sides too xD
      But thank you so much for the rate <3
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Shoot the Judge
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Personal masseuse for hire c;
Yeah they haven't really come out with any new stuff lately so they've sort of faded into the background a bit unfortunately :c
Dang, I must be awesome cool

LOL I understood what you meant! xD It's so cute when you're tired and incoherent :')
Pssh they're old, mugging is the last of their problems, and I'm sure they can find other wheelchairs and canes somewhere else!

Yasss! I tried to move to the CB a few years ago, but omigod that forum is so dysfunctional!
Yeah I remember seeing pics of Tuesday and he even said himself that he was really short. See, perfect couple you two would make emotion_awesome
Haha I have way too many faves as it is! xD

He's actually not my boyfriend anymore >< We're just best friends as of about a month ago I think.
But yeah he still spoils me a tonne xD
I think it's because we both have such a large range of styles that we're mixed lol
I know right! tangerine and Biohazard are absolutely gorgeous, but no one is being nice enough to price them well. That's why I hate it when items I NEED, get recoloured by users. They always end up ridiculously overpriced.

All the cool people are brofisting Hatsu, get with it cool
emotion_brofist emotion_bigheart

      ✾ ✾ Mmmm. Oh yeeeah. emotion_dowant
      Yeah, but they're coming back into the limelight again! emotion_kirakira

      I'm glad you understand your waifu C:
      Exactly! Don't feel bad. Not at all~

      LMFAO. I venture into the CB once in a while, stare at the nonsensical threads, have a "WTF am I doing" moment, and then turn tail back to the AT rofl
      Hahahaha, I did see his profile. And he is short. Very very very short. And very skinny. I think the wind could knock him over. xD
      It's true. I have a s**t ton of favs too, but it doesn't stop us from making more favs~

      Oooh! Whoa, I didn't know that~ Well, long distance is pretty difficult tbh. But I'm glad you guys are still on really good terms heart
      But you still lucky, GURL!
      I like being a smoothie. WE MIX ALL DA FRUITS TOGETHA!
      Ughhh, I agree completely. I need the toxic green and orange. crying

      OKAY emotion_brofist
      I'm an early 90s baby though, we used to only high five. xD

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