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This will be it until the new Halloween 2k13 items come out, then I'll switch...I hope this year's are awesome. emotion_awesome
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This is what I have for now~
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I'm preped for the event! can't wait
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x3 Everyone has such nice costumes ~
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I believe so

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I kept with my over all ghost theme that I've had Since 2010 when we had the Grave Danger event. I had made that avi months before October even rolled around (I think it was mid July) so when the event came out I was happy.

This year I wanted to take advantage of having that Woman in Black item that we got when the movie premiered, and that goes with the ghost theme so it worked out nicely.
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Ready? I've barely changed my avi all year but I think it passes the halloween criteria.
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Mine kinda is. I usually just go vampire or zombie and throw on some fake blood and fangs. Actually decided to go a different route this year and do a little forest witchy with a few things I had in my inventory plus the hat. I'm indifferent to it for now, who knows maybe in a week I'll do something else. razz
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I love Halloween, but I'm never ready. I'll just throw on a sheet ghost.... (my shame as a ATer).
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Mine is almost done, I am just looking everywhere to try ad find a way to be bald....bald zombies are scarierer.
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I plan on making a nice creature avatar, but this is just my Halloween placeholder until then.
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"What? I"m not wearing a mask, silly!"
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I'm an evil toy soldier come to life ( probably more appropriate for Nutcracker )

( If I had another Reve Rouille I could make the eyes look scary emo )
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Not yet. :[

I'm trying to find a way to look like a cute white ghost, but I'm having a bit of trouble.
Mine is almost done, I am just looking everywhere to try ad find a way to be bald....bald zombies are scarierer.

Buddhist Monk's Tonsure and Buddhist Nun's Tonsure are easiest way to do so cheaply. Head Case can replace your hair with spikes. And there is always the very expensive Night Stalker + Sainte Ciel Agape combo.

Anyways, I'm all dressed up for the event. 3nodding

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