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Avatars to me are inspiration for my cartoon sketches, both inspiration for characters and color schemes. I love how I can mess around with my inventory or tektek and try to put different colors together to make a unique color scheme. Then I use that scheme on painting or if I decide to color one of my cartoon sketches. I seem to have a big liking for steampunk and elegant avatars. I do try to create fantasy/mythological ones, but the steampunk/elegant genre seems to be my strongest points. I think why I stick to the elegant theme because in real life, I enjoy things that are elegant, but simplistic. To answer the very last question, I come to the AT because I know I can always get advice on how to make my avatars better. I know I have gotten a lot better with avatar making than when I first started coming to the forum.
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I hop onto occasional bandwagons if they're reeeally fun (like this avant garde thing in Make Your Case). But the normal kind of avatar I go for is
And there always has to be some idea of a story, personality, or culture/setting behind every avatar I make. It feels weird and wrong to not have one. It's a fun challenge, too, to see if my ideas can get translated into avatar form (for those days when I'm not in the mood to draw or write).
And as for tribal, I've been in love with that look even before I came to Gaia. Not sure what that says about me?

But I come to AT because there's a bunch of cool people in here, and, well... avatars are a decent ice-breaker or an excuse to start chatting. redface redface

But yeah, lately when it comes to actually giving rates, I'm fairly half-hearted because I don't have confidence in my own rates. After all, what makes me any kind of authority, y'know?
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Do I hop on the avatar bandwagon? Nope. My avatar is relevant to nothing but the items or poses that I discover most recently. Sometimes, that means my avi is wearing the newest items, and appears to be following the trend, but that is coincidence. My fashion sense is about the same in real life--I wear what appeals to me, and what I feel makes me look good. Following trends is for teenagers. My avatar's specific looks though are more of the fantasy genre, and I'm more mainstream in my real life clothing choices. I do match color the same though--I'm obsessive-compulsive, and not matching makes me feel like my world is horribly wrong.

My avatar to me is a separate entity, but in the way a doll is to a little girl--I like to dress her up. I like the fact that I can get creative with her outfits in a way that I can't in real life (due to my finances and my confidence level) cat_sweatdrop So basically, I suppose my avatar is a way for me to exaggerate my personal taste? *Is trying to give a thoughtful answer*

I mostly make matchtars, and like I said, the reason for that is my OCD. I would like to think though, that I've gotten better at making them matchy, but with just a bit of character. I usually stick to elegant or cutesy types, with pretty faces. However, I try to keep an open mind, and appreciate more types than the ones that I make. I generally like to base my rates and suggestions on what I think the person might be looking for. I'm the person who tries to please people, and appear likeable to everyone, and I suppose that bleeds into my thoughts on avatars.

I come to the AT to both give advice, and ask for feedback. Getting an outside perspective on an avatar can be a great help sometimes, and I try to give as much as I get here. I didn't originally come here looking for advice--I was looking for a new forum to call home--but once I wandered in, I didn't really want to leave! I guess I consider the people here the closest thing there is to an "authority" on avatar-making.

I think what gives people the right to critique another person's avatar is the owner of the avatar themselves. They come to the AT, make a thread asking for help, or suggestions, or for rates, and whatever they get is...their own fault? I can't really think of a better way to put it right now. You get what you ask for, and when you ask, you give people the authority to answer. I think everyone should ask for opinions knowing that the responses they get may not be what they want to hear--be prepared to hear negatives as well as positives. Conflicts happen I think when people ask for rates, expect only positive answers, and fail to maturely handle reality.

Sorry for the wall of text! I didn't mean to make it quite this long! cat_sweatdrop
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        oh my god i definitely hop on bandwagons!!
        well, i try to. if the avatars just are NOT working
        out, then i give up. i'll give it a few tries but i'm
        not going to keep trying if i'm just not feeling that
        inspired by it. i'll usually just revert back to more
        comfortable avatar styles after i give up.

        i think i make avatars because i used to hop around
        to different forums and i think i started out in the cb?
        i came here and people actually started to talk to me
        and be my friend, and getting compliments on something
        that i've made is definitely a plus. as someone who
        takes crit really seriously in real life because of my artwork,
        it's nice to come on here and not have to take it so
        seriously, because it's just avatars. but i can still have
        fun doing it and hanging out with people who share my
        love for making avatars. im not gonna lie, it's really awesome
        getting compliments on avatars... it's a good feeling and
        it can actually make a bad day better lol.

        plus in real life i have super low self-esteem about how
        i look and dress; it's nice to come on here and feel pretty
        through an avatar, as weird as that might sound. seeing
        familiar faces is fun and building experiences and memories
        with people is something i love too. i just love the avatar
        talk so damn much, it's the only forum that i've felt like
        i belong in.

        wow i typed a lot lolol

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I hop on bandwagons whenever anything interests me. If it deviates too much from my avi making style then I don’t get on in the first place. Themes and I tend not to mix well unless it is totally out of the blue. I feel like in order to be a good judge of something you either suck at it or know it well. Those that are not good at something tend to be able to perceive what they lack. On the other hand, those that are good at something know what the others lack and try not to fall into that pit. Whenever I am assigned a theme for an avi (via dressing room) I realize anything that comes out of tektek for me looks… mundane at best. Usually the themes are something along the lines of clutter, cute, or sexy. I can see how the avis I churn out looks lacking, but I suck at improving it so to the scrapped pile it goes~

However, the AT is a place that really helps make some of that scrapped pile into something interesting. Everyone has their own share of experiences and ideas to contribute.
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I'm sure we all hop on the bandwagon to some degree.
Except for maybe DCB.
That's how we have fairly well accepted standards here.

Outside of Gaia, cultural norms exist, too.
They're flexible like our AT norms are,
and people tend to follow them, too.
For instance, I haven't seen any nudists
or other weirdly dressed people on my college campus.
I don't usually get high fives from random strangers,
or give them to random strangers.
Stuff like that.

As for the other topics,
they've been beaten to death so much
and I just wanna go to sleep anyway. xD
the avatars i like are what snazzle and disney tv do~
something cute and weird,
something that unique
and something that says
"******** you ho, im the best b***h doing this
s**t! so yeah kiss my a** if you hate it"

i make simple avatars, as standard
i dont want to look extravagant as s**t
simplicity is my safest avatar~
other avatars i do are for surprise purpose
i create blobs and other awesome stuffs
so i could like prove to everyone that i dont lack the skill, and behind the simple avatar i
do are awesome as ******** avatars~ so yeah ;D ahahah~

edit: and oh, i come in the at
because irl, im too ******** lame.
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so i should rate right?

here's a discussion for you
cause ive already asked for rates and idk what sort of thread to post now

When it comes to avatars, do you hop on the band wagon? Why or why not? Does this parallel with you away from the computer? GET PSYCHOLOGICAL ABOUT THIS s**t

Many people say avatars are a creative outlet. How so? For me, it helps with character design, or simply visual aesthetics. What are avatars for you? Why? DONT JUST SAY CREATIVE OUTLET. I WANT YOU PEOPLE TO THINK

What kind of avatars do you like? Why? What kind do you make? Why? What does this say about you? LETS ALL BE REFLECTIVE NOW

Why do you come to the Avatar Talk? If you are seeking advice, why do you come here? Yes this is a forum for such purposes, but what gives the people who give advice the "authority" to do so? What is the Avatar Talk to you? IM SURE ALL THESE POINTS HAVE BEEN DISCUSSED BEFORE BUT IM RUNNING OUT OF TOPICS


You should rate, quality rates is the best bandwagon to hop on.

I've hopped on bandwagons before.
Mostly just to push myself to try new things.
I've created about as many trends as I've clung on to. (Like the one you're referring to. lol )
Honestly, in life as with on Gaia. I like what I like, and I couldn't be bothered to play nice with others much of the time... But sometimes it's fun to play outside my box and try new things.

First and foremost, in my head I am a writer. I play with avatars to fulfill my need to create characters, stories, worlds, and so on. The play of words and images for me is most of the fun of creating avatars.
The avatars that I am particularly happy with I will create more than just base personalities for. Often they will get a backstory, a world, sometimes a family, many unseen characters that they support or support them. A picture is worth a thousand words, a good avatar is worth more than that. But the words will build the picture and together they will grow great.

I come to the AT because like most artists, I need my ego stoked from time to time. I honestly don't come here for help making my avatars better, I've mastered the art of avatar making. I come here to share my works with like minded people to perhaps inspire or at least to preen and show off my skills.
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I'm a grown woman who likes the nostalgia of dressing up dolls.

They're just fun to try to make look like a certain thing I'm thinking of, and others inspire me and make me think about what the possibilities are. Definitely admire outside the box avatars over a generic fashion follow.

I cannot really do what I admire, but there are a few who do wonderful stuff!
If I have the items/gold to do so I like to try stuff other people are doing sometimes. smile I like seeing what different variation on an idea so many different people come up with and how it may be different and similar to their usual style. It can push you out of a rut too when you're getting low on your own ideas. I liked particularly when Catastrophe! finished and we had a ton of mini cat avatars all over here for one night. razz
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it's the dress up i can't afford in the real world
that and avatar making is art to me
it incorporates the use of design elements
and i take into consideration a lot of the same details that i do in other mediums

i don't know how to explain how i dress my avatar
it all varies
for the past year i've been trying to get more minimalist with it than usual
i rarely make a 35 item plus item avatar anymore
but my simplistic avatars are deceiving
i jump on bandwagons sometimes just because it's fun to experiment outside of what you'd usually make.
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Mostly I just like playing virtual paper dolls, but I also like to have at least some kind of theme or style going. So I guess each avatar to me is a sort of mini-character that may or may not eventually become something more.
Hmmm i like making clutter avatars with a lot of color. Partly cuz i like to paint, and i usually use lots of colors, textures,a and shape.
I like aspect of dress up. I always loved dress up as a kid. so i guess some of it is just the little child inside.
I come to the AT for advice on avatars that i feel are missing something, or just want to see what people get out of it. Just like when people look at the stuff i paint, i want feed back and it helps me see what i need to improve on.
I give my opinion on avatars cuz usually the other person asked for it. I dont see it has me being above anyone, just sharing my thoughts.
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I do it because it makes me happy. <3
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I usually don't hop on the wagon xD

I avoided the catatars or whatever and dark elf/vampires. I feel like there are other waves of avi fads but I don't remember them cause I generally disregard them haha.

I dress up my avi for amusement and based almost purely on my aesthetic. The character I've developed for my avi puts some restrictions ie. I'm always using horns + black hair but other than that my avi is usually made into a character that I would find cool to draw :'D

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