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>>>: Well, there's not really a fancy story behind it,
giraffes are just my favorite animal n__n
Although, how that came to be, according to my mother,
is quite a funny story. We were at the zoo, I was like 3 or 4,
and my mom were feeding the giraffes with some leafy twigs
and I didn't really care about them. (too busy sucking on my bottle)
But when they grabbed those twigs with their looong purple
tounge I went emotion_jawdrop and didn't want to leave. They tried but I cried so
mom and dad had to stand there for a good fifteen minutes
before we could leave xD Then at the giftshop I grabbed a
giraffe plushie and wouldn't let go. I still have him, he's so old n__n

Not really a story says me, guess I was wrong ohlol
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I like that we can layer tattoos to make new colors. this isn't really an outfit, but it is using the red dragon tattoo, red AND blue flame spiral tattoos, Mermaid tattoo, blue AND white solar flame tattoos and angel wings tattoo. It makes new colors.
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I liek layering.

Anyway, I have three tattoos. Lyrics from my favorite japanese band going down my spine. It says, "Love me to the marrow of my bones." I have Simba on my foot; the one Rafiki drew in the tree/cave... thing. Most recently, my best friend (who attends art school) turned 18, so I took her to get one. She drew a little blue bow and we got matching ones on our hips. It's my favorite >w<

I'm currently saving up for a few more. I want a Tiana one from Princess and the Frog. I also want some more lyrics (by the same band) that say, "I will walk with Karma," and something to go along with it, I'm just not sure what, yet. I want a cat/kitten. The Batman symbol. And lots of other s**t that's probably going to be really expensive. ;D

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i made this the other day and forgot to submit it lol

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I am now back from my vacation. The contest is closed and winners will be posted either tonight or tomorrow.

Edit: And there's now a link to an image of my back piece in the first post for those interested cat_biggrin
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i just check your tattoo out, that is absolutely sick as ********
seriously, that's awesome.
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageHoly s**t that tattoo :O How long/many sittings did that take?
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mine on my arms
Mercenary K

Thank you cat_pirate


It's probably got around 35 hours in it. Somewhere between 7 and 10 sittings (I lost count cat_lol )

The second post has been updated with the winners! Congrats!
All of the entries were awesome and I had a really tough time judging, haha! Like, srsly, gais, way to make my job difficult cat_rofl
Also, I decided to increase the prizes because everything looked so good, I think they deserve more cat_3nodding
Trades will be going out in a few minutes!

veej, yours totally reminds me of my own back piece, haha!
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>>>: Ooh, I won something n__n

And that tattoo is sooooo awesome!!
And I normally don't like big tattoos ;o
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eek thank you!~

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